Become an empowered educator in 2018 by attending a MoodleMoot near you.

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As you may already know, our global MoodleMoots are organised by us here at Moodle HQ, our Moodle Partners or our dedicated Moodle community members.

As our Moodle Founder and CEO quoted, the purpose of a MoodleMoot is to give our global community the opportunity to recharge their practice, discover state of the art in online learning and meet their peers.

Our Moots are one of the best avenues to get in touch with other Moodle community members and us here at Moodle HQ to learn and hear about many things, including:

1. Moodle Development (focus on code)
2. Moodle Success Stories and Usage Studies (focus on use and best practices)
3. Moodle Design and Functionality Training (focus on tip, tricks and training)
4. What’s new from Moodle (focus on new features coming up, Moodle HQ news, such as our latest investment partnership & Inspire update)

In 2017 we were Moodling all over the world! Were you lucky enough to join the Moodle community at a MoodleMoot in Australia, France, the UK, the US, Germany, Peru, Guatemala, India, Japan, Brazil or at one of our many other Moot destinations?

If you didn’t make any Moots this year, don’t worry! We’re pleased to announce that there are many MoodleMoots near you that you can be part of in 2018!

Here are some that are already planned for the new year:

MoodleMoot Japan
21- 23 February
Musahi University, Nerima-ku, Tokyo.

MoodleMoot Canada

21 – 24 February
York University, Toronto, Ontario.

MoodleMoot Germany
12 – 15 March
University of Kassel, Kassel

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland
26 – 28 March
The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

MoodleMoot Philippines
26 – 27 April
Manila, Philippines.

MoodleMoot Australia

25 – 27 September
Brisbane, Australia

MoodleMoot United States
29 – 30 October
Denver, Colorado

In addition, we at Moodle HQ are also working on these other Moots, so keep an eye out for them in 2018 too:

MoodleMoot Africa 2018
October in Cape Town, South Africa

MoodleMajlis 2018
TBC, in Dubai

MoodleMoot Spain 2018
TBC, in Barcelona

MoodleMoot India 2018


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