Celebrating Moodle’s Community of Translators

September 30, 2019 By Júlia Verdaguer

Updated on September 30, 2020

September 30th is International Translation Day, and we want to celebrate by acknowledging the wonderful and indispensable global community of volunteer Moodle translators who contribute to translating our open-source LMS to empower educators and students worldwide in as many languages as possible.

There is growing awareness that languages play a vital role in development, in ensuring cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, but also in attaining quality education for all. (United Nations)

Originally developed in English, Moodle relies on the contributions of a great many volunteer translators to make it available in over a hundred languages, including minority languages. For each language, volunteers aim to translate over 27,000 phrases (known as “language strings”) which are used in the Moodle interface. The translation of each language is managed by “language pack maintainers” – translators with special rights on the Moodle Translation site to review and accept translation contributions from others. Everyone who contributes a translation, language pack maintainers and the Moodle Translator Coordinator all work as volunteers, donating their time and expertise for free. The importance of Moodle translations gives more details of this valuable work.  

Did you know that…


Moodle Translation Stats. 88,700 accounts on the Moodle translation site. 190 language packs. 1,917,232 phrases translated to date

Besides translating standard Moodle and many add-on plugins, local communities of Moodle users have also taken up the task of translating the Moodle documentation. Check out the story on how the Italian Moodle Community recently published more than 800 wiki pages of translated documentation.

Do you want to see how complete the translation of Moodle is in your language?
Check out Language packs for Moodle 3.9.

Do you want to help with translating Moodle? Find out how to collaborate in the Translation guide, and get started by creating an account on the Moodle Translation site!