Myddleware joins Moodle as our newest Certified Integration Partner!

Making sure your data is correctly synchronised with your different applications is vital to ensure productivity and efficiency. Myddleware is an open-source data integration tool that enables you to smoothly transfer data between your Moodle platform and other applications, such as your e-commerce, CRM, messaging tools and more. 

Simplify your data integration

Myddleware is easy-to-use and their integration tool means that you don’t have to write a single line of code. This helps simplify the often complex issue of data integration and removes barriers so that you don’t have to be an expert to use the tool. The user can simply migrate and sync entire data models from one application to another. Plus, not only can the solution share your data individually, but it can also transfer the relationships between your data units.

In line with the importance Moodle places on accessibility, Myddleware also follows an open source philosophy to offer their integration tool for free and cater to your unique data requirements. 

Carles Aguiló-Collado, Technology Partner Manager at Moodle, said: “No single learning tool fulfills all educational needs, so we all need to be better connected with each other. By providing a no-code platform to automate data sharing, Myddleware democratises the ability to establish these connections between tools and makes it available to the non tech-savvy. In addition, it is an open source tool, which aligns with how we see the future of ed tech. This makes Myddleware the perfect partner for Moodle to provide data automation.”

Unlimited access to your data – past or present

Many solutions are only able to provide limited access to the high amount of data contained in your applications. With Myddleware, you can transform, migrate, and sync all of the modules, objects, and fields that contain your data from one app to another. This gives you unlimited access to any data unit within your applications. 

Myddleware also enables you to access your past data and transfer it using the reference date – the date at which the data was first registered in the database. In addition, you can apply new integration rules to past data items. You can migrate and sync past data between your applications as you would with more recent data. 

Stéphane Faure, Founder and CEO of Myddleware, said, “We are thrilled to offer an easy, user-friendly data transfer tool to Moodle’s users that will help them transfer their data smoothly and make the most of them. We can’t wait to see the great opportunities generated by this partnership for both Moodle and Myddleware.”

To Learn more about Myddleware visit their Partner Profile and download or instal the Myddleware Moodle plugin here.

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