Educators, don’t leave your Moodle course empty, learn how to enrol learners.

March 9, 2018

Have you been keeping up with our Feature Friday blog posts?

If so you will probably now be able to create a Moodle course which is full of features, such as the file picker, Moodle books, tags, the HTML block, activity completion, gradebook and many more, that engage learners and empower educators.

But something is missing from your newly created Moodle course…learners!

This week we will explain how you, as an educator, can add learners to your Moodle courses.

Let’s jump right into it.

There are a number of ways your learners can access your Moodle course, for example administrators may enrol them for you, or they may be automatically enrolled.

Learners may be able to enroll themselves by creating their own account on the Moodle site and adding themselves to their course.

Educators can also manually add learners to a Moodle course if none of the above options are available.

Here’s how:

1) Click the ‘participants’ link in the navigation draw.
2) Then, after selecting the gear icon, the drop down menu will give you the option to select ‘enrollment methods’. Clicking this will display the different ways learners are able to access or be enrolled into a course.
3) You will see three options, manual enrolments, guest access and self-enrolment. Clicking the eye icon will allows the teacher to enable the enrolment method. To enrol users manually, click ‘manual enrolments’.

4) You will then be take to a new page, here click the ‘enrol users’ button.

enrol learners
5) Then select which users you want to enrol from the drop down menu and assign them a role. This will usually be the role of ‘student’ as educators don’t normally have the right to enrol other educators into their course. You can also enrol a cohort if you have a large amount of learners (but this will only be seen if your site has set up cohorts).

6) After you have enrolled your learners, Moodle’s participants page will let you search and filter users by role, enrolment method, groups and status. Here you can also edit and delete their enrolments.

Don’t forget, enrolment means how learners get onto a Moodle course, whereas authentication means how learners get into a Moodle site.

You now know how to enrol users into your Moodle course, congratulations!

To learn more, watch our YouTube video below or check out the documentation on