Certified Moodle Partner Edunao reaches Premium status in France, Belgium, Switzerland and extends its services to Canada

October 23, 2020 By Moodle

Edunao operates thousands of Moodle platforms in over 20 countries, for millions of users, forever aiming to offer the best technologies and services to its clients.

Already a Certified Moodle Partner across the French-speaking European region, Edunao’s premium services are acknowledged today as they join the top tier in the Moodle Partner network as a Certified Premium Moodle Partner. 

“The Edunao team is very proud to have been selected as a Certified Premium Moodle Partner. The program values years of work and dedication to the leading Teaching & Learning solution in the world, and the amazing work both Moodle and Edunao have achieved together”, says Cyril Bedel, Edunao Co-founder & CEO.

Organisations, both corporate and educational, can benefit from the strong network of Certified Premium Partners in Europe and beyond, as Edunao broadens its reach by beginning operations in a new region. They can provide the full suite of Moodle products and services, including Moodle’s corporate offering, Moodle Workplace across France, Belgium, Switzerland, and now Canada.

Cyril adds “Moodle shows a tremendous adoption, far ahead of other solutions, in the French-speaking region where we are happy to build a strong Moodle offering to the community. Ever since we began our partnership with Moodle HQ, we have consistently developed our knowledge of Moodle, and increased our activity around the solution. This win-win relationship with Moodle has provided strong growth for Edunao; we now operate in over 20 countries.”

Edunao has built a very solid knowledge, understanding and expertise in adapting, promoting and adding value with Moodle, with thousands of platforms, now hosting millions of users, and hundreds of technical components to enhance Moodle experience and agility.

Offering three key Moodle services – consulting, development & production, and systems integration, Edunao operates in most educational, government and not-for-profit sectors as well as corporate institutions. 

With its foundation in education, Edunao are cementing their place in the public sector, having just secured the largest Moodle project with the French government, dedicated to 5 million civil servants.

To learn more about our latest Certified Premium Moodle Partner, visit Edunao’s website.