Announcing Moodle Certified Service Provider in Panama – congratulations Edupan International!

January 20, 2022 By Moodle

With a successful track record delivering interactive and collaborative learning technology solutions in Latin America over the last 12 years, we are proud to announce that Edupan Panama has joined the Moodle Certified Service Provider network

Ernesto León, Edupan Chief Executive Officer says, “Becoming a Moodle Partner reinforces our commitment to improving the education in our country, and also the future of our company as a strong developer of educational technology and learning solutions.”

In Panama and Central America, there is notable growth of virtual or e-learning environments in the education sector. In fact, the Ministry of Education of Panama has adopted the ESTER agenda and strategy, which proposes the development of a digital ecosystem for the educational processes of the official sector of Panama. This includes the delivery of undergraduate, master’s and doctor’s degrees in a completely virtual modality. As a solution provider on this project, Edupan in association with Cable & Wireless has centralised educational processes in a single platform to scale for up to 800,000 students and 48,000 teachers, from teacher training to psychoeducational support for the entire educational community.

“For us, the future of education is very clear and the penetration of LMS in a hybrid educational model is going to grow exponentially. We believe Moodle is the best in class open source LMS, not only because of the technology itself but because of its worldwide community,” says León.

Dedicated to providing solutions to incorporate technology in learning and teaching processes, Edupan defines itself as a one-stop-shop for the educational innovation sector with services including technical and pedagogical consulting, instructional design, content creation and digitization. Utilising a team of engineers and technicians, Edupan develops platforms and digital ecosystems with support for all education institution processes. Hand in hand with leading Cloud Services providers, Edupan implements resilient and intelligent infrastructures, capable of adapting to the needs of their clients, irrespective of their size. With six business verticals led by a group of top-level specialists, consultants and engineers, Edupan’s main differentiators are that it ensures training and follow-up for all direct and indirect actors.

Edupan has a team of specialists trained to implement modifications in Moodle and guarantee its integration with various services and applications including analytics, proctoring, plagiarism, accessibility, video conferencing and chatbot, among others. This will include delivering a full suite of Moodle services including Moodle installation for platforms with low, medium and high concurrency. 

Their key clients include INADEH, ITSE, SENACYT, UTP, UP, Cable and Wireless Panamá.

To learn more about Edupan’s services visit their Partner Profile.

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