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March 30, 2018 By

Have you heard of Moodle’s Project Inspire?

Perhaps you read the official announcement and interview with Moodle HQ’s Research Analyst, Elizabeth Dalton?

For those who aren’t familiar with Project Inspire, it was previously a plugin but now is part of Moodle core. Project Inspire makes it easy for educators to support their learners by analysing their performance.

This is achieved by providing educators with predictive and descriptive data analysis, enabling them to offer the right level of support to their learners by making data driven decisions.

Inspire also supports a wide range of predictive models and machine learning backends, all securely on the institution’s Moodle site, without exposing personal information to an outside agency.

Have you tried using Inspire for yourself? Here’s how:

1) To customise analytics settings or analytics models administrators must first follow the links in the site administration of their Moodle course.

2) After clicking the link, the administrators will see targets, such as students at risk of dropping out. For example, after clicking edit, an administrator can select the time-splitting method.

Feature Friday project inspire

3) In a course like below, an educator can access insights from the report to see which learners are at risk of dropping out.

Feature Friday project inspire

4) Clicking actions will allow them to see a prediction report or even message the learner to keep them on track.

Moodle’s Project Inspire is constantly evolving and we want your feedback to find out how to make it even better! Share your ideas in our community forums on