Featured Plugin September: Merge User Accounts

October 1, 2014 By Moodle

Each month Moodle HQ’s own Plugins Liaison, David Mudrák, throws the spotlight on a featured plugin, highlighting the history, contributors and key benefits for Moodlers. Moodle plugins aim to extend functionality and customise the sites’ user interface.

September’s featured plugin is Merge user accounts, allowing multiple student accounts to be consolidated into one. As David explains, the component is “quite powerful in it’s simplicity”, yet there is more to it than meets the eye. The full feature of Merge user accounts plugin provides an overview of the origins and the process the maintainers, Nicolas Dunand and Jordi Pujol-Ahulló, have taken within his in-depth interviews. The merge accounts plugin has seen over 1300 downloads since February this year.

Read the full featured plug in story here by David Mudrak. 

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