Open Education Week (OE Week), launched in 2012 by Open Education Global (OE Global), is an annual global event that aims to raise awareness about the benefits of open education and promote its widespread adoption. It is a week-long celebration of open education and the open education movement.

OE Global is supported by over 250 member organisations and open educators, with Moodle being one of them.

The aim of the week is to promote and highlight the importance of open education. Since 2012, OE Week has become an important event for educators, researchers, students, and advocates of open education around the world. This year, OE Week takes place on March 6–10.

Why Moodle Supports Open Education

Moodle is committed to remaining open source and believes in the value of open education in transforming our world. Our mission statement is to “empower educators to improve our world”, which we diligently uphold with initiatives that support the open education ethos.

One of these initiatives is our open source LMS, our core product that anyone can download and implement on their own server. Moodle LMS is a secure LMS that can be customised for any course or teaching method you choose.

We also offer MoodleNet, our social network where anyone can share, find, or curate educational resources.

You can also expand your learning on our dedicated learning hub for all things Moodle: Moodle Academy. Here, we host free courses and support educators, developers and admins in dedicated learning pathways, allowing users to develop their career.

Listen to our CEO and Founder, Martin Dougiamas speak about Open Education on The Moodle Podcast or read the transcript on our podcast.

Moodle is a founding member of ​​Open EdTech Global (OET Global). Who as a collective believe that a comprehensive infrastructure of Open Educational Technology is the only way to enable every single person on Earth to have real access to the best quality educational experiences available.

Get involved in the Open Education movement

If you are interested in open education or want to learn more about it, getting involved in Open Education Week is a great place to start.

There are two main ways to get involved, and these are to contribute to an activity or to contribute an asset. 

  • Create an event, like a webinar, workshop or in-person event focused on open education and share the details here
  • Contribute an Open Education asset or resource here on the OE Global website

You can also: 

  • Participate in an event. View the event schedule here.
  • Use, translate, or adapt an existing Open Education resource.
  • Contribute an Open Education asset or resource on MoodleNet,  a place to share and curate open educational resources. 
  • Discuss all things open education on OEG Connect, our forum.

Use the OEWeek 2023 Promotion materials and share your activities using the #OEWeek hashtag!