Learning without borders: Moodle US and Argos Multilingual sign partnership

April 5, 2022 By Moodle

Moodle US has signed a partnership with Argos Multilingual, a leading global provider of language solutions.

Jonathan Moore, Head of Moodle US says, “The Moodle platforms are used in over 240 countries globally and Moodle Workplace is currently available in 18 languages.  Through this partnership, we are helping our clients create courses in multiple languages making them accessible to learners from different cultural backgrounds. We look forward to the opportunities this will provide to better service customers in the US market.”

As remote and hybrid work-life dissolves traditional borders, the need to release courses on online learning platforms in multiple languages has grown exponentially. Argos has a long history of translating and adapting learning programs to multiple languages across diverse markets and organizations in the life sciences, medical, human resources, financial, manufacturing and technology sectors.

Through this partnership, Argos and Moodle US can offer the human resources or learning and development divisions of global organisations a learning experience that is adapted for the language and culture of their employees, no matter where they are.

“We work with many LMS providers and customers to help translate and localize eLearning courses. Moodle US stands out as an excellent and trusted provider of hosting, learning design, and custom development,” explains Antoine Rey, CSMO of Argos Multilingual. “We share Moodle US’s goal of providing accessible and custom eLearning to global companies, and so we’re thrilled to welcome them among our partners.”

About Argos Multilingual

Argos Multilingual (Argos) provides global language solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Argos serves clients in the high-tech, life sciences, human resources, and financial industries. Argos makes it easy for businesses to grow globally and connect with expert talent anywhere in the world. With production centres in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Argos follows a strategy of building robust programs for continuous translation and localization.

Customers can expect a long-term and transparent partnership, backed by innovative solutions around technology, AI & data, creative content, and quality assurance. For more information, please visit Argos Multilingual.

About Moodle US

As a Moodle-owned entity, Moodle US provides advanced skills and services to enable customers to build the best online learning experiences in the world. Their team of experts will work with you to identify your unique needs whether you are seeking support with hosting, course design, custom development, or anything in between. Scale your level of support and service to suit your specific requirements.

For more information, visit Moodle US or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.