Moodle Mobile 2.9 is here!

Moodle Mobile 2.9 Feb 20163 2

The new version of Moodle Mobile is here – Moodle Mobile 2.9. New features of this release include the ability to browse glossary items and open activity links within the application. Find out what else is new in Moodle Mobile 2.9.

Glossary now available on mobile.

Moodle Mobile 2.9 allows you to use the Moodle glossary function on your mobile device. You can now search for glossary entries, browse glossary items and view or download the attachments.

Activity links can be followed within the app.

Another new feature in Moodle Mobile 2.9 is the activity link function. Course and activity links can now be followed using the application. For example, a link to a glossary entry will open in the app. This function can be used across all activities and courses.

See the full list of improvements and features in Moodle Mobile 2.9 here.

Download Moodle Mobile here.


Let us know what you think of Moodle Mobile and what else you would like this app to do. Please check the list of Mobile bugs and feature requests and join the discussions in the Moodle for mobile forum

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