The Dutch-speaking Moodle community gets ready for MoodleMoot Benelux Online 2021

February 2, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

On March 16, join educators and learning technologists and be inspired by good eLearning practices and success stories with Moodle.

MoodleMoot Benelux is the annual Moodle conference organised by Stichting Mnet, where the Dutch-speaking Moodle community of educators and developers get together to discuss all things eLearning and Moodle.

After the success of bringing together the Dutch-speaking Moodle community for the first time last year, today we speak to Gemma Lesterhuis from Stitching Mnet, organiser of the conference, about what’s coming in this year’s event.

Moodle HQ
: Hi Gemma, thank you for talking to us today. First of all, what was it like to organise the first-ever MoodleMoot Benelux, and to have to do it fully online?

Gemma: It was exciting and also challenging, but a great experience. I had all kinds of scenarios in my head of things that could go wrong, but in the end, it all just “clicked”. Of course, we had learning points that we have been evaluated and taken with us for in the next edition. What we think was great, that even though it was online, the interaction between the participants and speakers was great and energizing.

Moodle HQ
: Do you think that school closures and remote work have raised the interest for open technologies like Moodle in Belgium and the Netherlands?

Gemma: Yes, I do. Just before Christmas, the Netherlands and Belgium schools had to close again in order to control the COVID-19 outbreaks. And working remotely from home is becoming more and less the “standard”. Organizations are definitely looking for open technology like Moodle and BigBlueButton to ensure that education can continue. 

Moodle HQ
: What can you tell us about this year’s MoodleMoot Benelux Online, taking place on March 16?

Gemma: We have challenged ourselves to set up a program with a mix of presentations from the Community, Certified Moodle Partners and Certified Moodle integrations.

As a Foundation, we are very delighted to announce that Moodle HQ’s UX Lead Candice Diemer will be updating the Dutch community on the Moodle 4.0 UX RoadMap, and Analyst Developer Bas Brands will take the lead in our hands-on Moodle Developer Workshop. 

As a returning topic, co-founder of Stichting Mnet Benelux Arnout Vree has agreed to host for a second time our Round Table Discussion. 

Moodle HQ
: How can people get involved in the event?

Gemma: Good that you ask! We are always looking for people from the Moodle Community that want to share their experience with Moodle on topics such as Accessibility or the use of Moodle for children between the ages of 8 and 16.

We can also allocate space for a Moodler to give a 2-hour workshop where participants can work together in designing a Moodle course.

The conference’s main language is Dutch, but that said we are welcoming English speaking presenters. We think it is interesting for our participants to hear stories from outside the Netherlands and Belgium, so if you’d like to share your story please send us an email at

Moodle HQ
: And finally, where can people register for the Moot?

Gemma: Registrations are open until March 15th 2021 on the MoodleMoot Benelux 2021 webpage.

Also, because Stichting Mnet Benelux supports lifelong learning, people who register can keep access to all recordings for as long as they want. Did you miss one of our events? Don’t worry, by signing up for our next event you receive automatic access to our prior events for the same price. 


Register for MoodleMoot Benelux Online 2021 today.