Join the Italian Moodle conference in December 2021

November 23, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

MoodleMoot Italia 2021 will bring together educators, learning and development professionals, developers and Moodle experts in Turin

On December 2-4 2021, the Italian Moodle community is getting together to share research and experiences of online teaching and learning with Moodle. Organised by the Italian Association of Moodle Users, MoodleMoot Italia 2021 will be a space for Italian Moodlers to meet face-to-face again after a two year hiatus, to learn together, improve online education and participate in fun social activities.


Rethinking eLearning after Covid-19

During the 3-day event in Turin, organisations from all sectors will share how they used Moodle during the Covid-19 closures including  how they established good practices and how they are maintaining momentum in improving their online pedagogy. 

“Let’s make sense of the experience of the pandemic months by rethinking
a more informed e-learning with Moodle”
Giuseppe Fiorentino, AIUM member


Hear directly from Moodle HQ

Our CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas will join #MootIT21online from Perth to deliver the opening keynote focusing on open education, his vision for an equitable global education ecosystem and the crucial role that Moodle and the Moodle community play in it.

On December 2, Moodle LMS developer Ferran Recio will participate in a session with community developers to provide some insights around the new Moodle 4.0 course editor and the reactive module used to create it. Plus, the Moodle Workplace team will also present some of their latest projects.


Teaching and learning online: experiences from all sectors

Attendees to MoodleMoot Italy will be able to participate in workshops, listen to keynotes and learn in presentations and tutorials about a wide range of topics related to online learning: from instructional design to accessibility, integrative learning or problem posing and solving.

We’re expecting educators and eLearning professionals from all sectors, including primary and secondary schools, universities, the public administration, healthcare fields, military education and workplace learning and development managers,” said Giuseppe Fiorentino.

A technical day and hands-on work on Moodle

For open source developers and Moodle administrators, the organisers of #MootIT21 have planned a dedicated technical day on December 2nd. This will be a space to discuss, share and solve technical issues with experts in Moodle development. Plus, the Moodle Clinic helpdesk with Moodle experts will provide participants the opportunity to ask all things Moodle, whether it’s technical, administration or educational questions.

Networking and having fun with Moodlers

For #MootIT21, AIUM are preparing a series of social activities for Moodlers to get together and have fun in a more informal environment, including a technical party, a social dinner and guided tours to know more about Turin: the Academy of Sciences, the Palazzo dell’Arsenale and the Shroud Museum.

Follow the latest news of the event at the official MoodleMoot Italia website and following the #MootIT21 hashtag on twitter.