Online teaching possible thanks to 2,000 Moodle sites across schools in Catalonia

May 12, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

A project by Moodle Partner IThinkUPC enabled over 150,000 students to resume classes in April for the third term of 2020.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March, in the middle of the school year, governments and educational institutions around the world had to quickly roll out plans to move millions of students to online learning.

In Catalonia, Moodle Partner IThinkUPC collaborated with the Department of Education to provide a Moodle platform for each and every one of their 2,000 schools. At the time, around 1,400 of them already had a Moodle site hosted on the Department’s Àgora service, however, 615 of them did not. 

A new service hosted on Amazon Web Services: EIX Educació (EIX) was designed and implemented to create 615 new Moodle sites in just 9 days. Not only that, EIX increased server performance to support the services of the existing 1,400 sites, ensuring its students and teachers could effortlessly access their Moodle site.

The swift deployment of the service meant over 150,000 students (potentially 400,000) in over 2,000 Moodle environments could return to learning online and continue their learning journey, just in time for the third term. 

You can read more about the EIX project in this article from IThinkUPC (in Spanish).