Save and share your Moodle courses using course backup

November 10, 2017

Teachers, we know you spend a great deal of time and resources perfecting your Moodle courses and we want to make sure that all that work won’t go to waste if there’s a glitch!

Site administrators typically will schedule an automated course backup to save your Moodle courses. However, did you know that if you have editing privileges, you can also save some or all of your Moodle course using the course backup feature?

Not only will this allow you more time to focus on teaching as you won’t have to waste hours recreating your course, but you can also use your course in a different Moodle site, continue developing it on your MoodleCloud site (if you have one) or even share a copy with a colleague.

Course backup

So how can you make a backup of your Moodle course?

    1. Click the gear menu and then select “backup.”
    2. Use the checkboxes to decide what you would like to bring over with your copy of the course. For example, if you want to include blocks but not filters unclick the filter checkbox and leave the blocks checkbox ticked.
    3. Experienced Moodlers can click the “jump to the final step” button, or if you prefer click “next”.
    4. For those who click “next,” you will be taken to the confirmation and review page. Here, you can change the filename and check that the settings are correct. If you spot a mistake you can simply return to the first stage by clicking the “previous” button.
    5. Once you have confirmed your backup setting are correct, click the “perform backup” button.
    6. You will then be taken to a page which confirms that your backup was successful. Here you can click the “continue” button to be taken to where you can get a copy of the backup file to download it and save it offline.
    7. In the user private backup area, click the “download” button and save it. You can then open your course on a different Moodle site using course restore.

Note: Teachers can backup course content, resources and activities. However only administrators can backup the data that students have submitted.

course backup

For more information about course backup check out the documentation or watch the explainer video below: