Who says you can’t see into the future?

Moodle Learning analytics 1

At Moodle we use sophisticated software algorithms to help predict outcomes and reveal hidden aspects of a learner’s process.

This information can then be used by Moodle users to improve how they teach and learn.

Our Learning Analytics (available with Moodle 3.4 and above) uses historical data and current behavior to predict student dropout risk. Also, its API allows anyone to build additional models to suit their unique needs.

Learning analytics is an effective tool to empower educators, but it can be challenging. Which is why we have introduced a new Workshop Series in Moodle’s Learning Analytics Working Group (LAWG).

This free series is designed to teach you how to extend the analytics capabilities of Moodle users in two ways:

  • For educators and researchers, learn how to design new models for specific educational purposes.
  • Developers, learn how to implement new models by extending the API.

In addition to being completely free, LAWG and the Workshop Series are always open, ensuring anyone can join at their own pace.

As well as improving their skills, successful LAWG Workshop participants will have the opportunity to evaluate assignments and award badges using our peer-review process.

Elizabeth Dalton, a Research Analyst at Moodle HQ, commented on LAWG: “This online workshop series builds on the very successful Moot workshops we’ve offered in the past. It opens up opportunities for educators, researchers, and developers to participate, no matter where they are. We’re very excited to be able to open these resources up to the whole Moodle Learning Analytics community.”

Elizabeth talks in greater detail about the LAWG on moodle.org, read all about it.

What are you waiting for? Join our free working group to improve your Learning Analytics skills.

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