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February 12, 2020 By Moodle

With today’s ever-evolving technological environment, UX design is becoming increasingly important. It is the advocate for the end user, seeking to understand the user goals, needs, and pain points; and how all of this fits in with the overall product vision.

You might be reading this because you love making the user experience the best it can be, perhaps you might want to understand more about what UX is or you might be wondering what a UX role at Moodle is all about!

Moodle is the most-used Learning Management System in the world, with hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Shifting our focus on making the user experience even better is at the heart of everything we are now doing with our products, and a top priority in our upcoming releases. Finding the right passionate, user-driven UX professional to help us achieve these organisational goals, is crucial.

Exciting Moodle HQ Vacancy
We have a rare role we are currently recruiting for. It will be challenging (for sure!), but an exciting opportunity for a UX Lead to drive and define the UX strategy over the next few years, with the aim of significantly improving the usability across our multiple products; working with not just the HQ team, but our entire global Moodle community.

So what does a UX Lead do at Moodle HQ?

Check out this video explanation from our Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas

Most days can involve a mix of staking out the UX strategy across products in line with company and product vision; ensuring that our open source Moodle community of developers and users are engaged; leading, mentoring and inspiring a team of designers and scoping and prioritising of UX and UI design initiatives… but in reality every day is different, everyday is a challenge and everyday you get to work and interact with our Moodle community.

What do you get when you join Moodle?
Besides the obvious – a workplace where we really value our peers, and a caring, respectful, open and innovative workplace – what about:

  • a competitive salary
  • a truly flexible working environment
  • ability to bring your full self to work (wear what you want to the office)
  • a focus on learning and development
  • gaining new skills by learning from highly skilled peers.
  • the knowledge you are helping millions of people reach their goals

What do our UX Designers say?
Our UX Designers, Barbara and Hina share what they love about working in UX at Moodle.

“It’s challenging and solves real life problems affecting millions of people” (Barbara).

“I’m using my powers for good – the work is challenging and there is room for a lot of innovation” (Hina)

Are you up for the challenge and ready to join and help lead our Global team?
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Holly Barnes
Head of People and Culture