Tailored Learning Experiences are the Core Focus for New Moodle Partner, iLite

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South African company iLite is the newest organisation to join the global network of Moodle Certified Partners.

Today Moodle welcomes on board its fourth new Moodle Partner to join in 2019. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, mobile development company iLite brings over 12-years’ experience working on Moodle, developing custom plug-ins and integrations across a wide range of solutions.

iLite’s custom content is developed in Articulate Storyline, Camtasia and in Moodle. Merging all these technologies into one learning environment provides a tailored learning experience for clients.

Sean Marx, Co-Founder, iLite said: “iLite is honoured to be recognised by Moodle as a Moodle Certified Partner. This certification will give current and future clients the confidence to use iLite, knowing that they are working with a Moodle Partner. It will further aid our aim of making learning affordable and accessible to all”.

“Our clients use iLite because they trust what we do and how we do it. Being a Moodle Partner confirms to our clients that their trust is well placed” said Sean.

Much like Moodle’s mission and values, iLite’s aim is to make learning affordable and accessible to all by creating learning solutions that are tailored to suit our client’s individual needs.

“We are delighted to see Moodle expanding across South Africa and are proud to have iLite join our Partner Program. Having an experienced organisation with a vision aligned with that of Moodle’s and a strong existing customer base across a range of industries and markets is testament to the success of the company. We look forward to seeing iLite grow with the support of Moodle over the coming years” said Juan Lucca, Chief Commercial Officer at Moodle.


About Moodle
Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, allows educators to create a private space online filled with tools for collaborative learning for K-12, higher education and workplaces . First released in 2001 by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle is now used in every country in the world. Moodle is a key part of operations for leading education institutions such as Open University (UK), Ulm University (Germany), Monash and Columbia (USA), Shanghai International University (China), Mumbai University (India),  as well as big organisations such as the United Nations, World Vision International and the US Defence force. Moodle’s open source project and development is supported by its global community of users and network of certified Moodle Partners, who offer a range of tailored Moodle services and support.

To join Moodle’s mission to empower educators to improve our world and for more information, visit https://moodle.com.

For information on becoming a Moodle Partner, visit https://moodle.com/partners


About iLite
iLite was started by Sean and Kirsten Marx as a mobile development company specializing in applications for mobile devices. Since then iLite has broadened its horizons into the e-Learning field and specifically LMS and Articulate Storyline. Our aim is to make learning accessible and as such we create content and solutions that aid in this.

Visit http://ilite.co.za for more information and to get in contact


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  • Reply David Allen

    June 22, 2019, 3:15 AM

    Hello Moodle

    We present various 1 or 2-day courses on radiation safety and technology e.g. nuclear and laser. These are presented live at venues in South Africa.

    Course material includes about 150 PowerPoint slides in each case. There are 1000s of prospects who require this legally mandatory training and the refresher courses we recommend every 3 years. There are only a handful of qualified trainers in the region.

    Several requests have been received for an online version of the material which combines the commentary and visual aids/slides. Possibly a Moodle partner can propose a solution.

    We are based in Port Elizabeth where we may have access to support via the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

    Your response regarding the next step towards contacts and pricing will be appreciated.

    Best regards

    David Allen
    CEO and Member
    Allen Associates

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