TechTrep provides high-quality STEM learning for kids, powered by Moodle Workplace

August 27, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

Based in the US, TechTrep provides comprehensive, affordable and sustainable STEM programs for organisations who serve children to easily launch their own STEM and CTE academy.

From school districts and charter schools to YMCA’s, public libraries or homeschooling, TechTrep’s courses address the STEM teacher shortage by providing project-based, self-paced courses and content to turn any teacher or willing adult into a STEM and CTE mentor.


TechTrep was facing a series of caveats with their existing LMS, which forced them to house all their clients on one site. This hampered the user experience and personalisation for their clients, as well as demanding a lot of admin tasks and time from TechTrep’s own staff. 

To best cater for their user organisations and be more efficient as an organisation themselves, TechTrep needed a platform that allowed them to:

  • Create customisable learning environment for each of their clients
  • Allow each of their clients to access their own learners’ data and perform reports on it
  • Give their clients more autonomy by giving administrative privilege in their own sites, for example, permission to enrol new learners or edit their course catalogue.


TechTrep contracted the eLearning services of one of our Certified Premium Moodle Partners, who designed a custom-fit solution for TechTrep with Moodle Workplace.

Leveraging Moodle Workplace’s multi-tenancy feature, the delivered solution enables TechTrep to host each of their user organisations as different entities. This means TechTrep can provide more personalised experiences for their clients while saving time on administrative tasks – so that they can focus on creating more STEM and CTE courses and content to empower children in the US.