Training environments for organisations all over the world

Moodle is widely used by many organisations of various sizes and by big companies around the world to:

  • deliver internal training and professional development for staff
  • sell courses, training and certification to clients and customers

Find out how Moodle is being used in workplaces around the world!

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Take control of your training & learning platform

With Moodle, organisations are able to host their training and learning platform internally or with one of our Moodle Partners around the world.

Get full control of all your data in Moodle and the way staff and clients are on-boarded into the system.

Easily integrate Moodle with other systems

Moodle integrates seamlessly with other popular business and e-commerce systems, giving businesses the power to customise the learning environment they want.


Cost effective

The ability to deliver courses and/or training provide financial savings for your organisation and customers/clients.

Moodle’s easy to use and powerful learning tools can also assist in addressing many organisational learning needs and achieve business objectives.

Hear how the Community Legal Centre is using Moodle for their staff learning and development.

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