Open education


Breaking down barriers

The principle of knowledge sharing and collaboration has always underpinned education and we are strong supporters of the wider open education movement as central to the future of education.

We support Open Education Resources

Moodle supports UNESCO’s 2019 recommendation on Open Education Resources (OER), which is an international framework with five broad objectives:

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OE Global

We are members and supporters of Open Education Global, an organisation that aspires to a world where we all have access to high quality education; where education is seen as something essential, shared, a collaborative social good. Our CEO, Martin Dougiamas, is also currently a member of the board.

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Moodle is a member of the UNESCO Global Education Coalition that was launched in response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of supporting the objectives of the coalition to enable the equitable continuation of learning and strengthen learning systems for the future, we pledge our commitment to open education initiatives.

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We are building a new distributed open source platform called MoodleNet, a global network to share and curate open educational resources. Integrated with Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace, educators will be able to easily locate and share open education resources to their courses, as well as share open education content with other educators via the MoodleNet social network.