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Catalyst are a global group of open source software specialists with teams in the UK, Australia and New Zealand that have contributed to the success of Moodle since 2004. We offer a full suite of Moodle services from front-end consulting through custom feature development to managed hosting, including migration to and deployment in cloud infrastructure.



Catalyst offers a range of data analytics options including integration of Google Analytics and its open source equivalent, PiWik. Piwik provides greater protection of client data and superior individual user usage insights. We are regularly asked to provide custom analytics, and use a range a range of open source data visualisation tools to present rich graphical usage insights.


If you are just starting out – we’ll help you capture what you need and want to achieve when implementing Moodle. With experienced business analysts and Moodle users on staff, Catalyst offer top-quality requirements analysis and documentation services.

If you want to maximise the potential of your existing Moodle – we’ll run diagnostics, analyse and report back to you on underlying system and configuration issues that might be holding your platform back. There are not too many issue our specialist systems administrators and core developers won’t recognise, but if you’ve got one, they are up for the challenge.

If you want to scale your Moodle to meet new requirements – we’ll work with you to migrate and optimise your platform into infrastructure to suit. Our teams have unparalleled experience with platforms delivered globally to hundreds of thousands of users.


We offer high quality, courseware and content creation services to our clients. Our Instructional Designers develop quality online courses in a variety of formats, each designed to elicit maximum user engagement. We regularly work with clients across the public and private sectors to develop pedagogically sound, media rich learning content. Our course creation services help clients to transform vision into reality, often working closely with their own content specialists to turn static content into interactive online learning to meet the objectives of each training need.


Catalyst has a unique depth of understanding of Moodle’s software architecture. We are trusted Moodle developers, with developers making regular contributions of core code, including as maintainers of some of Moodle’s most widely used plug-ins. Whether it is by adopting a community plug-in, developing a feature from scratch or just some smart configuration and theming of the platform you already have, we have the experience to make Moodle work for your unique requirements.


We offer hosting of high performance Moodle sites for organizations of all sizes. At Catalyst, we can provide a fully managed, hosted service that secures your data, and ensures your service is operating efficiently and safely. We will monitor your site of a 24*7 basis, and react immediately when issues occur. We offer Moodle hosting on your choice of Cloud service, and we are adept at maximising the performance of Moodle on all Cloud infrastructures.


We’ve worked with a large variety of organisations using Moodle and we know the dos and don’ts of eLearning implementations. We can review where you are now and help you decide where you need to go with your Moodle.

We’ll install and configure your Moodle site to ensure it is running at its very best. With experience in large, high-performance installations of Moodle, Catalyst will help you deliver the most stable and scalable learning management system for your organisation.


As open source software specialists, managing complex integrations between systems is one of Catalyst’s core capabilities. Integration with your other core systems – Student Management (SMS); Customer Relationships (CRM); Human Resources (HRIS); Library Management (LMS); etc – is key to maximising the potential of your Moodle investment. Talk to us about the benefits of Single Sign On (SSO) and other integration options for your new or existing platforms.


Having designed, built and hosted Moodle platforms supporting hundreds of thousands (and in one case millions) of learners, Catalyst have an unparalleled technical understanding of what makes Moodle work well. Our design, development and systems administration teams compliment your existing technical capabilities, offering point consulting solutions through to fully managed projects to meet your requirements.

Talk to us about:
– diagnostic and performance optimisation of your existing Moodle
– complex system integrations including webmail services, SMS and Single Sign on (SSO)
– migration to and managing Moodle on public and private cloud infrastructure
– analytics and custom reporting
– plug-in review, development and configuration.


A well structured and consistent theme that brands you Moodle but also directs learners to content relevant to them, makes all the difference in user engagement. Whether it’s comprehensive and intuitively searchable course catalogues, delivery of content prior to and behind e-Commerce pay walls, landing pages and dashboards defined by user group or login-in location, Catalyst’s specialist design and configuration experts will make it work for you.


At Catalyst, the people that build and configure your Moodle are also the ones that will train you how to make the most of it. Whether you are managing the underlying platform, administering users, or generating content, we can deliver face to face or remote training to meet your individual or group learning needs. We can also support the development of onboarding documentation.

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