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Based in Scotland, E-Learn Design offers services in instructional design and course development, training and strategy consulting, migration from other systems, theming, hosting, support and custom development of Moodle and Iomad.



E-Learn Design provides high quality technical and pedagogical consulting for Moodle which includes: course design and instructional design, strategy planning, e-learning content creation, customised modules or plugins, large scale technical developments that sit alongside Moodle or Iomad.


We offer high quality, courseware and content creation services to our clients. Our team of Instructional Designers are experienced in developing quality online courses in a variety of formats (though we prefer to use core Moodle + plugins). We regularly work with clients across the public and private sectors to develop pedagogically sound, media rich learning content. Our course creation services help clients to transform vision into reality, working closely with their own content specialists to turn static content into interactive online learning that benefits the organisation as a whole. We offer access to demonstration courses for interested clients.


Our developers can provide Moodle and Iomad custom plugins, blocks & themes, integrations with other systems and modifications.

Our open source multi-tenancy solution based on Moodle is called Iomad which provides:

  • Complex licensing and ecommerce
  • Hierarchical roles at the company and department level
  • Shared courses
  • Customised reporting



We provide a full range of Moodle hosting solutions from the very small to the very large: basic, shared, single server and bespoke solutions. Our Moodle and Iomad hosting includes nightly disaster backups, free UK domain, a free basic theme and free upgrade once per year. Hosting contracts are designed to easily scale and grow with you as your company grows so you never need pay for a package you don’t yet require.


We provide standard and customised Moodle (and other Open Source software including Mahara, WordPress and Iomad) installations on E-Learn Design hosted servers or remotely on your own server.


Moodle has the ability to be integrated with a vast number of other systems. Some of these are already available as third party Modules (such as):

  • Google Apps
  • Mahara
  • Big Blue Button
  • Joomla
  • Word Press

E-Learn Design has a great deal of experience in setting up integrations with Moodle, as well as creating our own.

If you have a need to integrate Moodle with a system not listed on moodle.org we are happy to create custom integration plugins for you. Quotations and initial consultations with E-Learn Design are free.


We provide a complete range of technical and educational support for clients who host with us and clients who host elsewhere. We provide support for Moodle, Mahara, WordPress and Iomad.


We offer a free initial simple theme to all our hosted clients: as part of your hosting package we will apply a Boost theme and change colour + logo for you.


We take the view that the ‘how to’ do just about anything in Moodle (the point and click) is readily available via the vibrant Moodle community. ‘How to’ videos on Youtube are numerous and the moodle.docs site is very useful. So whilst we can (and will) do training for you on any aspect of Moodle, we spend more time on the ‘why’ you might want to do or use a tool within Moodle or with Moodle. We also try to offer helpful tips at http://www.e-learndesign.co.uk/buzz/

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