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eFaktor’s customers get the know-how to make good quality e-learning courses themselves. eFaktor is a full service Moodle provider for Norway.



eFaktor offer consulting on migration from other LMS systems and the entire development phase until course portal is in full production. We provide advice on best practices and participate actively in the process from start to finish.


eFaktor offer course development services and can help with pedagogical analysis, suggestions on best approach and production in Moodle or external tools.


The standard version of Moodle has everything you need to get started with e-learning. Still, quite a few of our clients require customized functions to suit specific needs and purposes. eFaktor can develop additional modules in line with requirements you might have, and we adhere to Moodle’s guidelines for this.

Many clients require direct access to the course site from their own intranet without having to log in again. Others want to manage access to courses via their own course administration system. Others still need reports about course participation and completion to be transferred automatically to their own HR systems, and the school sector in Norway requires FEIDE integration. These are only a few examples; there are endless scenarios. We solve any integration requirement you might have.


We deliver Moodle ready for use so that you can get started with your course production straight away. Our prices for a course site start at NOK 1250,- (+ VAT) per month. For this price, we make sure that everything works as it should, 24/7 all year round, and we take backups every night. When your needs change, it is no problem to expand the site so it fits your needs.


eFaktor do installation work for customers if they need the Moodle installation inside a firewall, a secure zone etc.


We provide integrations with WordPress.


At eFaktor, we offer support on our services. By default, all clients have general access to support through this support agreement.


eFaktor creates themes for Moodle that can be identical to the client’s web profile. We also offer all clients functionality for template-based content production as part of the Moodle package. We have seen increasing demand for responsive themes that automatically adapt to PC/Mac, iPad/tables and iPhones/smart phones.


We provide our clients with the know-how to make good quality e-learning courses themselves. We hold courses in use/administration of Moodle. Furthermore, we offer courses for course developers where we share of our long experience from running the Net pedagogy study at college level.

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