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Established in 2011, Nephila Web Technology has been offering IT solutions and Learning Management solutions to schools and universities in the Philippines for over 5 years.

Committed to the use of Open Source Technology (OST), the consultancy provides a range of Moodle services, including set-up, integration, training, support and development.



Nephila Web provides MCCC or Moodle Course Creator Certification. Please contact us to know more about this.


Nephila Web Technology Inc. provides an end-to-end solution for its clients for the implementation of Moodle Learning Management System. In all kinds of organizations, we ask them about their organizational background and goals. We provide, the phases of setting up a LMS site for their organization;

1. Evaluate client requirements
2. Planning and Design
3. Infrastructure Setup
4. LMS Setup
5. Testing
6. Deployment


Nephila Web provides courseware development and applies framework in building effective and dynamic instructional designs for online learning environments like Moodle. We provide assistance to our clients to convert their courses to become Moodle resources for online learning.


The company provides development and customisation of Moodle LMS tailored-fit to the needs of the clients. Our development services covers programming of additional functionalities on the system that conforms to the business process of the clients, data mining, and specific report generation.


The company provides web hosting and an LMS cloud-hosting infrastructure solution for clients whether small or big number of users. We are capable of providing a reliable cloud hosting solution which is scalable and with high availability for up to 50,000 users.


Nephila Web provides its clients various options to choose from in order to implement Moodle in a most cost effective way. We install Moodle and configure it based on the requirements of the users, whether it is a dedicated server, web hosting or cloud hosting with clusters.


Nephila Web Technology Inc. provides system integration solutions in Moodle to a variety of systems, so it functions together as one system. Our team collaborates with the client to discuss their needs and gather information to meet their requirements.


Nephila Web Technology Inc. provides support for Moodle LMS such as administration, practical and functional use of Moodle. Specifically, our support services provides the following;

    1. Answer questions regarding system technical and administrative, and functional and practical system use;
    2. Best practices and effective use of the e-Learning System; and
    3. Resolve and troubleshoot system issue.

Our support services covers the following area;

    1. Backups
    2. Upgrades
    3. Administration
    4. Maintenance
    5. Troubleshooting
    6. Configurations
    7. Usage

Nephila Web Technology Inc provides theme customization tailored-fit to the requirements of the client.

Below are the packages for our Custom Theme services:

1. Basic Theme Package

    • An altered theme using client’s logo, theme color and branding
    • Modification of CSS code and background images on existing themes
    • Cross-browser testing
    • Approximately 1-week turn-around time

2. Advanced Theme Package

    • A fully customised theme for client’s e-Learning site with client’s logo, theme color and branding
    • Modification of CSS codes and background images on existing themes
    • Cross-browser testing
    • Approximately 2-3 week turn-around time

Nephila Web provides Moodle Training for Teachers, Advanced Users (Teacher), Administrators.

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