How IMI achieved resilient, data-driven learning for its global workforce with Moodle LMS

October 18, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI) is a global leader in technology and manufacturing solutions, specialising in reliable electronics across the automotive, industrial, medical, power, communication, and aerospace sectors. Committed to quality management, IMI strategically expanded its footprint in China, Bulgaria, Serbia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and the USA. 

As a subsidiary of the Ayala Group, IMI continues its 20-year rapid growth, diversifying its product line and embracing new ventures, including the launch of a high-powered e-motorcycle line in 2023.

Challenge: Resistance to organisational transformation

As IMI expanded its team and management roles globally, there was an urgent need for digital transformation in its capacity-building programs. This transformation aimed to augment the workforce’s continuous professional development, reducing labour and overhead costs while optimising operational procedures.

The challenges associated with this digital transformation included notable resistance to organisational changes, limited participant engagement in course activities, and technical obstacles that required alignment with the company’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards. These were crucial factors in the ongoing digital transformation journey that required strategic solutions and effective mitigation approaches for successful implementation.

Solution: Implementing Moodle LMS to ensure scalable and adaptable digital learning

In 2018, IMI partnered with Nephila Web Technology Inc., a Certified Moodle Premium Partner in the Philippines, to implement Moodle LMS. Nephila’s expertise and commitment to excellence were instrumental in providing IMI with a comprehensive solution to address its digital transformation challenges. 

Nephila implemented Moodle LMS on a cloud-based environment, ensuring operational excellence, robust security, high availability, and enhanced efficiency. This solution was tailored to accommodate IMI’s global operations, emphasising reliability, cost optimisation, and sustainability aligned with the company’s long-term environmental, economic, and societal goals. 

They consistently demonstrated technical capabilities, provided consultancy services, offered 24/7 support, delivered training and empowerment programs, and designed Moodle infrastructures in the cloud. 

The collaborative efforts showcased a solutions-oriented approach, emphasising careful planning, transparent communication, proactive problem-solving, resilience, and a commitment to continuous improvement. This strategy addressed the challenges faced by IMI, laying the foundation for a scalable and adaptable digital learning infrastructure that aligns with the company’s strategic objectives.

Result: Data-driven learning to transform a global workforce

In 2020, as the pandemic unfolded, bringing global challenges and business disruptions, IMI faced unprecedented difficulties. However, integrating Moodle LMS proved to be a transformative solution, enabling IMI to navigate these challenges. Prioritising the development of micro-modules for courses, aligned with key performance indicators (KPIs) set by the learning and development department of IMI, expanded learning opportunities for the organisation’s workforce.

Moodle LMS was vital in ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted learning experience, demonstrating its resilience during the pandemic’s remote work norms. Analytics became a cornerstone of IMI’s educational strategy, enhancing data-driven decision-making. 

Leveraging Moodle’s analytics capabilities provided IMI with valuable insights into user engagement, course effectiveness, and learning trends. These insights helped the organisation empower learners, teachers, content creators, and administrators, ensuring an improved learning experience, optimised resources, and continuous enhancement of educational and training endeavours.

IMI’s journey to overcome resistance to organisational transformation and embrace digital learning faced challenges that demanded strategic solutions. Partnering with Nephila Web Technology Inc. and implementing Moodle LMS proved instrumental in achieving scalable and adaptable digital learning. Nephila’s technical expertise, coupled with consultative support, training programs, and cloud-based infrastructure design, addressed the complexities of IMI’s global operations. 

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