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We offer our services to all types of schools – Universities, high schools, primary schools; educational facilities. In commercial sphere we offer our services to business companies, production plants, educational facilities etc.



We provide Moodle consultation (workshops) for commercial or public sector customers (schools, nonprofit organization). Our customers range is wide and diverse. We always provide and prepare consultation fitted to our customers. These consultation taking place face to face or by e-communication: e-mail, Skype, webconference, telephone.


Our company primary use for coursware or content creation standard Moodle’s tools. In case of important deliveries we are capable to create flash courses using Adobe Captivate. We also have an experience with eXe tool and SCORM.


We have experience developing Moodle (code changes). The function changing customers claims must our company sort out immediately. Code changes adapt our team of programmers which assume claims from our executive team. These two teams collaborate and communicate together. The effort of these two teams is to make claims into the most general code changes to use them for others customers next time.


Sites are mostly hosted on external or internal servers. Service for hosting is very individual and depends on the specific needs of our customers. It depends on how many users will be on sites, disc space etc.


We do provide Moodle installation services. Our company has team of programmers which are able to deputize. In the first phase we install and set Moodle according to customer’s requirements. Moodle installation services has other additional function not only technical character. For our customer we are able to prepare complete Moodle graphic theme. The two teams (programmers and executive team) are permanently taking care of possible problems after successfull installation (installation script, adjustment mechanism for LDAP, SMTP etc.)


Our company offers integration services on these levels:

  • Connection to authorized systems LDAP (MS Active Directory, Shibboleth …)
  • Connection to HR systems

We provide these type of supports: general, operating, systemic, technical and customer’s requirement support. General support includes hot-line services, distant communication with distant maintenance of LMS Moodle.

Operating support includes providing services for customers for working LMS Moodle – installation of LMS Moodle, consulting and helpdesk. Systemic support includes providing systemic work operation for customer’s claim – e.g. installation, configuration and optimization of SW server’s systems.


We are capable to create customer’s themes. Only what we need are graphic data and requirements. First we compose graphic layout and then customer must approve it. After that we realize new Moodle theme.


We realize Moodle training programs for tutors, course creators and administrators. The whole training program is adapt to customers needs.

In the attendance training users may study e-learning course for basic Moodle operating. After that users have got 2 recurrent courses for course creator and tutors (basic and advanced level). There is no time limit for courses. All kinds of study materials, quizes and assignments are containt of the courses. After finishing course will be ready for users as a relevant source of knowledge.


The user’s training course is the output from the attendance training of Moodle training program.


Form of training: full-time training, e-learning course, webinar

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