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PragoData Consulting is the Moodle Partner for the Czech Republic that provides wide scale of high-quality services in LMS Moodle. Our long-term experience helps us to find and create the most valuable solution for our customers. We always respect the client’s need within the integration of Moodle to the client’s environment.



We offer the consulting services in wide scale of Moodle specific problematic, including own development.

Our consulting services methods are based on good knowledge of Moodle environment, on our experience with projects and on experienced team of our company.


We offer course and learning objects development for Moodle.

We create courses in Moodle by using the full range of appropriate tools that are offered by Moodle and also by other providers. During the creating courses we found out, that the suitable way of creating courses is combination of video, audio and interactive elements.


We offer development of customisation of Moodle, including development of plugins, according to actual client’s needs.

Our customers can use our development team that has extensive experience of developing and customizing Moodle according to client´s needs.


We offer web hosting on our servers.

Hosting of your e-learning on our servers could save your time and energy therefore you could spent more time on your projects.

Our hosting is scaling to meet customer actual needs. We operate Moodle with dozens of users as well as Moodle with more than 500 thousands users.


We offer installation of LMS Moodle on our servers or on customer’s servers.

Installations include also integration into the environment of customer, customization of theme according to corporate design, implementation of customer’s authentications methods and further extend features.


We ensure Moodle integration with variety others systems according to actual client’s needs.

Our experience includes integration with third systems, such as university study systems and HR systems (e.g. SAP).

We also ensure implementation and integration of authentication methods of our clients like LDAP, AD or Shibboleth.

Integration into environment of customer and implementation into process of customer makes Moodle powerful system for electronic education.


We offer general support for all our customers.

Support for our customers includes analysis of needs, proposed solution, ensure of realization, long-term support of inhouse solution or hosting.


We offer development of themes in Moodle, including development of themes according to corporate design of our clients. We are proud of our optimization services that customized themes for mobile technologies. We also implement the features that enable control using gestures.


We offer training in Moodle areas, according to actual client’s needs.

Training is designed for all levels of users of Moodle (roles) and for all native and enhanced functionality. Our courses are certified by the authorities for target groups from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and from Ministry of the Interior.

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