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Synergy Learning is a leading Moodle Premium Certified Service Provider with Moodle Engineers and Consultants operating across the globe. We’re experts in creating learning with impact.



Get expert Moodle advice whenever you need it.

We’re here to provide practical solutions to your e-learning challenges. Whether you’ve encountered problems around strategy or implementation, we’ll collaborate with you to deliver the right outcome.
Solving your Moodle problems.
We’ve been working with Moodle since 2005. We’ll use our expertise to help you discover new ways of working, plot your next move or speed up implementation. Our consultancy is always driven by your needs. We’ll focus on areas in which we can deliver your goals and bring real value to your organisation.


Sourcing e-learning courses for your Moodle site.

We’ll work with you to build a comprehensive package of content for your learners. From covering all essential training requirements, through to finding sector-specific courses suited to your organisation, we’ll cost-effectively deliver the e-learning content you need.

Use our e-learning expertise.

We have a wide knowledge of various cost-effective, ready-made e-learning courses, including video, audio and other multimedia options. We’ll help you to access some great e-learning content that’s best suited to your needs and will get the most from your budget.


Customising your Moodle site to your needs.

We’ll tailor your Moodle platform to do exactly what you need it to do. Don’t change how you work to suit your LMS – we’ll give you the functionality that’s ideal for how you do things.

Exclusively in-house Moodle development.

All our Moodle developers are in-house, so you’ll get consistent standards of coding and communication. We’ve been working with Moodle since 2005, building the expertise to turn your idea into a fully functioning part of your LMS. Our development work is quality assured, accessible across all devices and bespoke to your organisation.


Rapid, reliable and robust hosting for your Moodle site.

Deliver courses and content to your learners quickly and consistently with our bespoke Moodle hosting platform. Our managing hosting service is designed specifically to provide effective hosting for learning platforms like yours.
99.9% uptime.
More than 2 million learners access learning platforms hosted on our servers. They experience 99.9% availability and supremely fast speeds. We’ll provide the same service for your learners – and take care of all updates and maintenance – freeing time and resources you can focus on other aspects of your Moodle platform.


Let’s get your Moodle platform up and running.

Ready to install your new Moodle LMS? Our technical experts will take the installation process off your plate for a hassle-free start to life with your new platform. We’ve been installing Moodle sites since 2005, and we’ll bring all that experience to your project.

On-site or remote Moodle installation.

Our technical team will carry out your Moodle installation either on site or remotely – whatever’s best for your circumstances. We’ve built a wealth of knowledge of Moodle installation best practice, which we’ll use to deliver a cost-effective installation for your organisation.


Get the support you need for your Moodle LMS.

Whether it’s taking care of your updates or dealing with unexpected technical issues when they arise, we’ve got the Moodle know-how to give you the support you need. With developers, designers, consultants and a support team all under one roof, we’ll answer your queries and resolve issues quickly.

Hassle-free Moodle support.

Don’t waste your precious time getting bogged down in technical problems. You’ll have a single point of contact to call or submit a support request – and we’ll take it from there. Expect a rapid response and regular communication.


Moodle themes designed with your learners in mind.

We design simple, engaging journeys around Moodle sites. We want to make it as easy as possible for your learners to find the courses and information they need. We’ll use our user experience know-how to make your Moodle platform engaging by design.

Customised to your brand.

We’ll create a Moodle theme that’s tailored to your organisation. Our UX designers will factor your logos, brand guidelines, colour scheme and existing systems into the look and feel of your Moodle site. Usability, accessibility and ease of navigation will be consistent across all devices.


Get your team up to speed with Moodle.

Our training courses will help your administrators become proficient Moodle users. Whether you need introductory training on your LMS or targeted guidance on specific areas, we’ll focus our training on the features that are most relevant to your organisation’s needs.

Efficient Moodle training.
We’ve been working with Moodle since 2005. We’ve answered just about any question a new Moodle administrator might ask. Our training gives practical solutions to the most common questions before they’ve been asked. It’s a cost-effective way to save time you would otherwise spend answering those questions.

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