Quickstart Guide

This quick guide will help you get started with MoodleCloud

Set up your teaching space

Moodle calls the space where you teach online a ‘course’. It can be a course for just one student or for a large group. You can use it for any subject or kind of teaching you like.

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How can I create a course?

Add materials for your learners

Toggle Edit mode top right your course and then simply drag and drop worksheets and presentations.

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Drag and drop files into Moodle

Create engaging activities

Use the Activity chooser to select engaging content for your learners.

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How can I add course content?

Get learners on your site

There are two steps to take:

  1. Get your learners onto your MoodleCloud site
  2. Give your learners access to your teaching materials
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How can new users sign up to my Moodle?

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How can learners sign up to my courses?

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How can learners sign up to my courses?

Inform your learners

  1. Email or message your learners, telling them the web address of your MoodleCloud site.
  2. Tell them to click “Log in“ and then “Create new account
  3. Tell them the name of their course (and share the Enrolment key you made.)

Playlist videos


Moodle Admin Basics program

Want to add courses quickly? Want to re-use existing courses? Prefer to add learners yourself to be safer? These videos will show you how.

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Moodle Admin Basics

Moodle Teaching Basics

Learn in detail how to set up assignments, discussion forums, add URLs, get your learners collaborating with each other and much more.

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Moodle Teaching Basics

Moodle Teaching Skills

Explore Moodle’s more powerful activities with these advanced tutorials enabling you to set up branching scenarios and peer collaboration.

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Moodle Teaching Skills