Thanks to educators around the world, we’ve reached 200 million education resources on Moodle sites!

April 8, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

Have you ever wondered how many students are learning on Moodle platforms worldwide? Or how many forum posts exist on learning environments built on Moodle? 

Take a look at our Moodle Statistics which gives you the latest numbers from registered Moodle sites. 

Right now, worldwide there are:


Help us improve our open source platform by registering your Moodle site

Every registered Moodle site gives us a better picture of how Moodle is used worldwide. We use this information to make data-driven decisions about new features and plugins which will improve how our users teach and learn using our platform.

Registering your Moodle site is optional. However, the more registered sites there are, the better we can understand the interactions, needs and expectations of users with our software. 

Your data always remains undisclosed when you register your Moodle site: we never go into your site and we never share your information with anyone. All published stats are made of aggregated anonymous data from the hundreds of thousands of registered Moodle sites. 

Read more about how and why to register your Moodle site here

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