More than 1.5 Billion quiz questions exist in Moodle Sites all over the world

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The global Moodle Community and Moodle HQ have just reached a new record: at the time this post is being written, there are 1,524,867,487 quiz questions hosted in all registered Moodle Sites worldwide.

In the past two months, global Moodle Stats have also shown that:

  • 1 new country has registered their first ever Moodle site
  • 8 million forum posts have been made
  • 9 million new resources have been added
  • 3 million new users have joined registered Moodle sites
  • 30 million new enrolments have taken place
  • 1 million new courses have been added to Moodle sites

All these Stats come from registered Moodle Sites only, and are publicly available and updated in real time on our Moodle Statistics site.

Register your site and help us make data-driven decisions

We believe that understanding how Moodle is used worldwide by very different users is crucial to making informed decisions about new features and plugins that enhance the teaching and learning experience with our open source learning management system. By registering  your Moodle site, you help us gather significant knowledge to keep improving our software.

When you register your Moodle site, your data always remains undisclosed, as we use aggregated anonymous data from all registered sites to publish the statistics of the worldwide community. This means that we don’t share your information with anyone and we never go into your Moodle site.

Registering your site is and will always be optional, but the most registered sites there are, the better outlook on how Moodle is being used, and can be improved to meet learning and training goals, we will have.

Read more about why and how to register your Moodle site in this post.

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