5 Great Reasons to Contribute to Moodle

October 30, 2014 By Moodle

This month Moodle HQ are calling for contributions from the community to accelerate the growth and development of the learning platform. Fundraising will directly go expanding the Moodle HQ core development team, working on codes, implementation, bug issues and document writing. 

Why is it great to contribute to Moodle? Let us count the ways.

1. You will be supporting Free Open Source Software
Moodle will remain open source and free to any that wish to use it, offering services such as hosting and installation with Moodle Partners. To get Moodle’s development evolving at a faster pace, this donation drive aims to grow the development team with experience and eager Moodlers to continuing delivering to the community.

2. You can thank Moodle dev for all their hard work so far
Think of it like tipping. Isn’t it nice to reward those doing an exceptional job? The Moodle dev team are a spirited bunch that put their all into the quality coding, eagle eye testing and the raft of other tasks that go with the role.

3. Your smallest contribution makes a difference
All Moodle HQ contributions go to the development team, support staff, moodle.org expenses and others. Even a small pledge helps us along the way. If each Moodle site gave just $10, Moodle would have the means to employ 20 more developers for a year.

4. You’ll feel as happy as Larry
Whoever that guy is. The latest science shows a correlation between generosity and happiness. Why not be generous to the free, open source learning platform to make you feel like you are walking on sunshine.

5. You will own a piece of Moodle history
Through Fabrily, Moodle is fundraising with a special limited edition t-shirt. These WARP compliant tees have a bold Moodle is Orange design that you can purchase as a t-shirt or hoodie, perfect for either hemisphere. Each purchase provides a contribution to Moodle and you can own a special part of history.

Keen to donate? Follow the links here

Make a pledge: moodle.org/donations
Buy a tshirt: fabrily.com/moodle-orange 

Thank you for your support!