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As you may already know, wikis are collaboratively created and edited. You can use a wiki in Moodle to help your learners build their knowledge together when they are working on a group project, contributing to research or writing a group essay.

Educators can also use a wiki in Moodle to plan a scheme of work, meeting or agenda.

Wikis in Moodle do not have to be used solely for group work. Individual wikis can act as a personal journal for examination notes.

So how do you add a wiki to your Moodle site?

  1. First, go to your course page and turn the editing on from the link in the gear menu.
  2. Then, from the section where you want the wiki, click “add an activity or resource”.
  3. Click “wiki” once to find out useful teaching information about the wiki, or click “wiki” twice to go straight to the setup startup screen
  4. Once on the setup screen add a name and a description of what you would like your learners to do in the wiki. On the setup screen you will also have the option to choose if you would like the wiki to be collaborative or individual.
  5. Then choose the first page name. Make sure you are happy with this name before you continue, as it cannot be changed at a later time.
  6. Click”save and display” to get your wiki started.
  7. You can now add pages to your wiki. If you are unsure what format to put the page in, leave it as default. Click “create page”.
  8. You now have your first page of the wiki. To set up links to the other pages, put double square brackets “[[example]]” around the name you want to give the page. Learners will use this same method to make new wiki pages.

For more information about wiki in Moodle watch the explainer video below:

To find out more about using wiki in your Moodle check out our documentation on

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