Calling Moodlers to help with QA Testing for Moodle 3.3

April 10, 2017 By Moodle

It’s that time again – a Moodle major release is coming up soon.

Moodle 3.3 is scheduled to be released in four weeks time, and so, once again we’re running a Quality Assurance (QA) testing cycle.

We would love your help during the QA testing for Moodle 3.3 so that we can make sure that all of the new features in the release work!

You don’t have to be a developer to do QA testing with Moodle – everyone can help out and the more the better from our end. Let’s take a moment to look through what is QA Testing and how to get involved.

What is QA testing with Moodle?

Quality Assurance tests look at the functionality of Moodle from a user’s point of view.
Real users systematically try each feature in Moodle and test that it works in the new version of the Moodle code. These tests are repeated in series of cycles, usually just before major releases.

What’s involved in QA testing?

QA testing involves participating users testing each feature in Moodle and making sure that it works in Moodle 3.3.

We have a special site – the Moodle QA testing site – which is updated daily with the latest 3.3 dev code, where you can try out the new features and improvements coming in 3.3.

How to get involved in QA Testing?

If you can spare some time and are interested in helping out with our QA testing, then we’d love for you to get involved.

Please see the discussion Help needed with Moodle 3.3 QA testing for details.

Oh and did we tell you that everyone who runs three or more tests will receive this Moodle Tester 2017 badge?

In addition, everyone who has helped with running tests are added to our Testers group on and named in Testing credits. It’s our small way to say a very BIG thank you for supporting our open source project and Mission to empower educators with powerful, flexible learning tools.

Thanks everyone in advance for your help with our next version of Moodle!