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Ariox Casestudy
Ariox and CCI Increase Training & Compliance Efficiency with Moodle Workplace by Moonami
Cooper Companies Inc (CCI) is a global manufacturing and internet enterprise based in the US that includes several companies with different departmental structures and a wide variety of learning needs....
Why a multi-tenant LMS is the best choice for your organisation
If you’re in the market for a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organisation, you’re probably very familiar with many of the options, features and services available to you. In...
Case Studies Momentum Featureimage 1
Training a large geographically spread workforce with Moodle Workplace
  Momentum Support is one of the largest privately-owned contract Cleaning and Security companies, with over 3,000 employees working across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and London. Challenge A...
Workplace social 3.9.2
Manage multiple learning environments from a single installation with Moodle Workplace 3.9.2
The latest version of Moodle’s corporate LMS takes multi-tenancy one step further with the new shared space, shared programs and shared certifications Moodle Workplace is our learning management system designed...
Workplace ClosingSkillsGap 1
How do I close the skills gap in my organisation?
Closing the skills gap is a top priority for employers in organisations across all sectors and industries, and bridging it is key to achieving business goals.  The skills gap is...
Certified Moodle partner Eummena becomes Premium across the Middle East
Moodle services recently expanded its reach across the MENA territory as Certified Partner Eummena broadened its operations to 6 new countries in the region, servicing both industry and public institutions...
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Moodle18 QA MoodleHQ
Moodle turns 18: A Q&A with Moodle HQ
If you haven’t heard, we recently turned 18 (an official adult in a lot of countries!) and to celebrate, we’ve been revisiting some of our latest milestones and talking about...
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ttrep 1
TechTrep provides high-quality STEM learning for kids, powered by Moodle Workplace
Based in the US, TechTrep provides comprehensive, affordable and sustainable STEM programs for organisations who serve children to easily launch their own STEM and CTE academy. From school districts and...
Moodle announces geographical expansion of services with a new Reseller program
Moodle Certified Resellers offer Moodle products and services to support organisations with eLearning, focusing on regions not serviced by Certified Moodle Partners. Due to the high demand for eLearning services...