How Unió Consorci Formació is transforming healthcare training in Catalonia with Moodle Workplace

June 26, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

Founded in 2005 in Spain, Unió Consorci Formació (UCF) is a joint venture between the Catalan Union of Hospitals and the Health and Social Consortium. Specialising in education and training for Catalonia’s health and social sector, UCF plays a pivotal role in enhancing the skills and knowledge of professionals in this field.

With a dedicated team of 31 employees, the organisation’s primary goal is to improve healthcare workers’ knowledge and skills, encouraging them to meet the sector’s evolving challenges and contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services.

The challenge

Having used Moodle LMS since its inception, UCF relied on it to train the health and social sector, accommodating a substantial user base. From 2019 to 2023, their active Moodle platform supported 60,000 users, including students and teachers. Now they wanted to transition into Moodle Workplace to fit their growing needs. 

The primary reason the institution switched to Moodle Workplace was the need for better support and technological advice. One of the immediate challenges UCF encountered was managing the increasing volume of students and courses each year. This growing demand compelled them to look for a scalable solution that could provide extensive training to learners and prompt feedback while accommodating their evolving needs. 

However, while transitioning from Moodle LMS to Moodle Workplace, UCF encountered several errors in its process and an overwhelming administrative burden.

The solution

UCF collaborated with Moodle Premium Certified Partner 3ipunt, whose comprehensive support enabled them to overcome previous challenges. With 3ipunt’s assistance, UCF successfully integrated Moodle Workplace. This has helped the enrollment manager, who can now focus on reviewing course registrations without manually enrolling users. The platform integrates with the institute’s system, where users submit their official and current work contract information, determining eligibility for certificates upon course completion. All user information is sent to the user management systems via an API, allowing official reviewers to download users’ grades and completion dates.

Moreover, 3ipunt’s expertise helped UCF seamlessly combine two business lines. The first business line, integrated via Single Sign-On (SSO) with an e-commerce webpage, facilitated smoother transactions for individuals seeking to upgrade their skills within the medical sector. These courses are sometimes funded by the local government, and the platform provides necessary KPIs to validate the training and financing when needed. The end clients could also be hospitals that enrol multiple users into the courses within the same framework.

The second business line, managed through a dedicated tenant, offered specialised training to the Peruvian government’s health sector. In this setup, a manager independently creates courses and enrols users directly on the platform. This dual approach enabled UCF to handle multiple business cases without interference, thanks to the flexible and user-friendly navigation interface provided by Moodle Workplace.

Throughout the transition, 3ipunt demonstrated exceptional cooperation and empathy, ensuring that UCF’s needs were met and that their transition was as smooth and efficient as possible. Implementing Moodle Workplace enhanced UCF’s training capabilities and set a strong foundation for future growth and innovation.

Mercè Pascual, Moodle Manager at UCF, says, The integration of the web, enrollment manager, and Moodle Workplace has significantly improved and automated the enrollment process. This achievement was made possible through Moodle’s integration and adaptation, with valuable advice from 3ipunt. Internally, our team produces around 40 new courses annually and launches over 700 online courses, each containing an average of eight SCORM modules. 3ipunt helped us create a SCORM content bank within Moodle to manage the considerable content load. This solution reduced the weight of each classroom and allowed us to control SCORM versions efficiently.”

The result

After implementing Moodle Workplace with the assistance of 3ipunt, UCF experienced significant benefits. Automating numerous procedures has markedly reduced the need for human intervention, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency. Also, establishing a unified database shared among the three interconnected systems—web, enrollment manager, and Moodle—has ensured consistent communication and data integrity.

This integration has enabled UCF to initiate training sessions weekly, accommodating thousands of students per week, demonstrating a substantial increase in training capacity and efficiency.

UCF’s learning management system (LMS) currently serves 18,000 users and is projected to expand to approximately 40,000, covering all professionals in Catalonia’s health and social sector. This expansion demonstrates UCF’s dedication to offering inclusive and readily available training programs.

The organisation is targeting to train 60,000 professionals within Catalonia’s medical sector. UCF plans to gradually expand into the broader Spanish market and eventually into Latin America. The goal is to establish the Moodle Workplace as a benchmark for non-medical training within Spanish medical institutions, domestically and internationally.

Additionally, UCF is developing a complementary B2B service to empower individuals to pursue field-specific training independently, allowing them to curate their skills development pathways. Building on their established recognition as a training institution within Catalonia, UCF aspires to extend their reach and impact beyond regional boundaries, setting new standards in the education and training sector.

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