Certified Moodle Partners: Our network of 101 (and counting) eLearning experts worldwide

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Located in 52 countries and speaking over 35 different languages, our Certified Moodle Partners are here to help you with their expertise in your market and in your language.


So who are Certified Moodle Partners?

Our Certified Partners are Moodle experts with extensive experience and demonstrated expertise in providing Moodle services and solutions. Whether it’s helping an organisation get started with eLearning, implementing a Moodle learning platform or developing extra functionalities, our Partners can create custom-made Moodle solutions to help you get the best outcomes from your learning environment.

To ensure their ability to provide the best solutions for customers’ needs and challenges, each of our Partners has undergone a rigorous assessment process and been vetted by Moodle HQ. This has allowed us to build a strong, trusted network of partners around the world who leverage our open-source software to deliver excellent services and solutions for eLearning.


A growing network of Moodle experts

The Moodle Partner program started in 2004, with 5 organisations achieving the Certified Moodle Partner status. Since then, our Partner network has been growing steadily – in 2019 and 2020 alone, 24 new companies have become Certified Moodle Partners – reaching our current number of 101 members.

In February 2020, we launched our Certified Premium Partner Program for those existing Moodle Partners who had been providing an exceptional level of service to Moodle users and demonstrated significant levels of commitment to customer service and the Moodle project. 12 Moodle Partners have achieved Certified Premium status since then, helping us advance our commitment to providing quality education for all.

Boost your eLearning with Moodle: find a Certified Moodle Partner near you

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