The Certified Moodle Partner Network: a pledge of guarantee

May 12, 2020 By Moodle

Moodle is the world’s most popular learning management system (LMS), used by countless schools, universities, not-for-profit organisations and companies to respond to their education and training needs. To date, Moodle is being used by almost 200 million learners worldwide Many of these users are supported by our Certified Moodle Partner Network.

Why have a Certified Partner Network? 

While Moodle HQ and our open source community are focusing on building the most effective Learning Management System (LMS), our network of Certified Moodle Partners offer Moodle users all the custom services to create tailor-made Moodle solutions capable of meeting specific needs.

Certified Moodle Partners are EdTech experts, with extensive knowledge of the Moodle platform. Not only have they been carefully vetted by Moodle HQ and selected based on their industry knowledge and expertise, but they have demonstrated their ability to effectively service Moodle customers.

To earn the Certified Partner status, organisations have to prove a deep technical and functional understanding of Moodle, demonstrate a high-quality approach to services and customer satisfaction and be an established, sustainable business with a dedicated sales and support staff for online learning services. With the recent extension of the Moodle Partner Network Program, Certified Partners also have the ability to take their status to the next level by becoming a Certified Premium Partner.

Through this rigorous assessment, Moodle ensures that our Certified Partners’ solutions are best equipped to address a diverse array of challenges, respond to customers’ functional and technical needs and accompany customers on their journey.

What do Certified Partners offer?

You can download Moodle LMS for free with default plugins. Customisation and configuration are easy, just select the theme you want and the plugins you need and you’re ready to go! However, if you need more support then our Certified Partners can alleviate some or all aspects of your LMS management. All our partners consistently deliver the highest quality of services and support to ensure they give customers an effective digital learning solution.

From supporting organisations with the installation of Moodle LMS, through to developing extra functionalities to customise the platform to meet your exact needs, our Certified Partners cover the entire spectrum of online learning and training, including:

  • Consultancy 
  • Hosting 
  • Installation 
  • Integration 
  • Development
  • Themes
  • Courseware
  • Certification
  • Analytics
  • Training
  • Branded Moodle App
  • Moodle Educator Certification 
  • Support

Strong synergy with Moodle HQ and the community 

Certified Moodle Partners are not just experts with extensive knowledge of the online education industry. They share the same vision and value as us, and are strong supporters of our community’s initiatives:

  • Support for open source: Just like us, our Certified Moodle Partners are strong advocates of open source software. Not only do they believe in the collaboration and sharing aspects of open source that are prevalent in the Moodle Community, but they appreciate the flexibility they can leverage in order to customise the Moodle LMS to meet their customer needs. As a sign of their commitment to open source, companies who join our Certified Partner Network contribute financially to Moodle through royalties, supporting us to keep this project sustainable and ensuring that we can keep doing what we do best – developing the most efficient LMS to empower educators to improve our world.
  • Freedom and flexibility: Certified Moodle Partners also believe that open source software gives customers the flexibility that doesn’t exist with closed software. For example, open source software customers fully own their LMS, content and data which means that at any point in time, they could take their LMS, walk out the door and go to another partner if they are not satisfied, or even manage their LMS themselves. This protects organisations from being locked into working with a vendor that provides sub-optimal service, as we see often with closed source solutions. Instead, having options when it comes to services, encourages accountability and a high level of support from vendors.
  • A differentiated proposition: Certified Moodle Partners work along Moodle HQ and the community, developing new features and functionalities, as well as fixing bugs and doing security improvements to ensure that the Moodle LMS is robust and effective. Additionally, open source software enables Certified Moodle Partners to provide a personalised solution for every organisation through the development of plugins and configurations, allowing them to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of online learning.
  • Have a voice in the Moodle product roadmap: Our product roadmap outlines what functionalities we will develop to improve our platform. Certified Moodle Partners have a direct line of communication with us and give us input to build the roadmap. This means that your dedicated Moodle Partner can convey your needs directly to the people who make Moodle, ultimately giving you a voice in the direction of the product as well. 

Why choose to work with a Certified Moodle Partner?

There are many companies who provide online learning solutions based on Moodle, but only our Certified Moodle Partners have gained our seal of approval to provide you with excellent services and solutions.

As Moodle’s code is freely available, it gives organisations the opportunity to minimise or eliminate the cost of their learning platform itself, and re-allocate the budget towards effectively supporting their learning programs. However, extended solutions and additional resources are often required in order to ensure learning programs consistently meet learning needs, reflect organisational structure, and perform optimally.

Many organisations lack the bandwidth or in-house expertise to manage open-source Moodle and leverage its functionalities for organisations. Working with a non-certified vendor may bring unforeseeable challenges. Complex implementations, significant scaling or upgrading a customised Moodle environment to the latest software version are some of the pitfalls that may result in costly consequences if not done properly. You can more effectively avoid these challenges by working with a vetted Certified Moodle Partner.

Partnering with a Certified Moodle Partner will bring many benefits to organisations from saving staff costs,  improving their productivity and bringing peace of mind, thanks to the quality of service they provide. But overall, it will ensure your organisation spends less time configuring and managing your LMS, and more on providing engaging and impactful experiences for learners.

As we want to ensure the best possible outcomes to Moodle users, we believe that Certified Moodle Partners,  who went through a rigorous assessment process, are the most suited to support the learning programs of organisations.

See the success Moodle users have had working with Certified Moodle Partners. Explore our Partner success stories.

Certified Moodle Partners vs other Vendors in more detail

Non-Partner Certified Partners Certified Premium Partners
Services provided (depending on vendor/partner)
Integration with other systems
Support and Maintenance
Reporting /Analytics
Moodle Products and Services suite
Exclusive access to host and customise Moodle Workplace
Relationship with Moodle HQ
Provide direct feedback on product roadmap 
Priority to submit enhancement requests
Access to the latest Moodle Patches and Updates 
Test and feedback new Moodle versions prior to the release
Quality of service certified by Moodle HQ
Financial sustainability
Credit Report
Client references checking
Strong technical evaluation
Moodle Course design 
Configuration evaluation
Customisation evaluation
Development of plugins
Rigorous Premium Partnership assessment by Moodle HQ
Professional self-hosting services or cloud servers with ISO 27001 or Cloud Compliance Standards
Qualified full-time staff managing hosting services at a professional level
1st, 2nd and 3rd level client support with 24-hour maximum response time
Established teacher training (admin/developer/student courses and Moodle Educator Program)
Comprehensive implementation services (full site configuration, ie SSO, authentication and branding)
Established eLearning consultancy and support services (face2face, hybrid and fully online)
Quality development services for customised code
Excellent development services for courses and content
Dedicated support staff for Customer Success initiatives
Established sales and marketing function

Interested in learning more about the advantages of working with a Certified Moodle Partner? Find partners near you at our Certified Partner page or get in touch with us and we’ll connect you to the best partner for your needs.