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From Moodle t-shirts and sweatshirts to travel mugs or Moodle stickers for your laptop, purchasing your favourite Moodle goodies is now easier and quicker than ever at our revamped Moodle Shop.

Wear Moodle to support Moodle

All profits from the Moodle Shop, go directly into supporting our work to make an even Moodle for all. 

This means that when you buy a Moodle t-shirt or a Moodle tote bag, you’re not only showing your love for Moodle and your pride for the community: you’re supporting free, open source software that powers education for millions of people around the world.


Eat, Sleep, Moodle, Repeat
Exclusive design from MoodleMoot Global Online 2020

Get the most loved tees from our global MoodleMoots

After many requests for our popular MoodleMoot t-shirts, you can now buy them from anywhere in the world. From Australia to Spain to South Africa and the US, hundreds of Moodlers have worn our MoodleMoot t-shirts at our eLearning events: and now you can too!

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Dazzle your Moodle-loving team with Moodle goodies

Does your team go crazy for Moodle? Shop from our range of accessories for daily life and office needs: tote bags to carry your things, removable stickers to moodle-ise your space… and travel mugs to get coffee or tea for your favourite Moodle admins!

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We’ll be bringing you some fresh designs with new season merch to freshen up your wardrobe, home and office space: so keep an eye out! 

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If you’d like to support Moodle in another way, you can also donate directly to our open source project through our Donations page.

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