What happened when Moodlers met in South America for MoodleMoot Paraguay 2017

Moodle is the most used learning platforms in the world! Moodle has been translated into hundreds of languages and there are over 100 million registered users.

How can we connect with all Moodlers around the world? Besides our community platform on moodle.org, we have global MoodleMoots!

Last week we were “mooting” in Paraguay from 26 – 28 September at the National University of Asunción, San Lorenzo. There, Moodlers in the region had the opportunity to collaborate, share best practices and learn new skills.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that happened at MoodleMoot Paraguay 2017.

A highlight of all MoodleMoots is the opportunity for attendees to learn new skills.

MoodleMoot Paraguay was no exception with attendees participating in various Moodle and edtech presentations. Here are just some of the presentations that occurred:

Alexandre Teixeira, reflected on teaching distance education with focus on higher education during his presentation.

In his #MootPY17 presenation Miguel Recalde explained about managment in the cloud and integration with Moodle.

Nora Dari, National University of Quilmes, presented on the challenges of curricular management.

During his MoodleMoot Paraguay 2017 presentation Jonas De Medeiros described how technological design in academic environment can be achieved using Moodle.

Attendees were able to attend workshops at MoodleMoot Paraguay 2017, such as the “Transmedia Narrative Workshop” lead by Natalia Correa from Aula Universitaria.

MoodleMoot Paraguay attendees were also able to participate in a question and answer session with our Moodle Mobile Lead, Juan Leyva, who delivered a keynote address via online conference.

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If you missed MoodleMoot Paraguay 2017 but would still like to attend a MoodleMoot near you, check out our website for all other events that are on for the rest of the year!

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