98% happy learners with Moodle + Poodll in France

March 5, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

MiSchool provides English language training for health care professionals in France. 

With 30,000 students from a network of 130 schools and organisations, MiSchool offers online courses through a Moodle site. Their hosting is provided by Moodle Partner Edunao and relies on plugins from Poodll to provide specialised language learning services within the courses.

France is an extremely popular medical tourism destination, and is also ranked the world’s leading health care system by the World Health Organization. “
With so many patients from different countries around the world, and with English being the predominant language for medical publications, the need for English training for medical practitioners in France is very high,” says Vince Garnier, co-founder of MiSchool.

Flexible learning for busy schedules

To help training fit in with the hustling work schedule of health care professionals, MiSchool’s network of schools require a very flexible approach to learning, offering face-to-face, blended learning and completely online courses.

However, with blended and fully online learning, MiSchool faced the challenge of creating online language courses that were as interactive as classroom-based language learning.

Engaging online language learners with Moodle +

When it came to choosing an online learning management system for their language courses, MiSchool decided to go for Moodle. MiSchool’s other co-founder Caroline Garnier had been an early user of Moodle since 2003 and knew the platform was powerful and customisable enough to meet their needs.

Using Moodle was an obvious choice for us, since we were already familiar with its capabilities. But even if we had to start again from scratch we would still use Moodle.” said Vince Garnier. “The flexibility it offers and the ability to customize it or use 3rd party solutions easily gives it the edge for us over other platforms.” MiSchool co-founder Caroline Garnier.

The above-mentioned integration of Moodle with third party solutions was key to achieve the interactivity that MiSchool was aiming for in their language courses. Using the Moodle Certified Integration Poodll, MiSchool have been able to create dynamic, interactive online English courses for their learners.

Poodll EnglishCentral activities make up about 10% of our courses. The deep Moodle integration is critical because for our students it is a seamless learning experience.” said MiSchool Co-Founder Vince Garnier. Finally, the flexibility that Moodle offers when it comes to choosing a hosting service enabled MiSchool to go with Edunao, a Certified Moodle Partner who guarantees a stable and smooth performance of their Moodle platform.

98% happy learners

MiSchool is now successfully offering English courses to 30,000 health care professionals from 130 schools and organisations. 

In 2020, face-to-face classes were affected by Covid and MiSchool had to move thousands of students to fully online learning. “During the lockdown period our language courses with Poodll have been super-successful. 98% of feedback has been positive and we are going to try with video recording this year”. 

Poodll is a Moodle Certified Integration that provides solutions for teachers of languages and for audio and video recording activities in Moodle. Read more about Poodll on their Certified Integration Page.