Challenge – Equal economic opportunities

Sama provides expert and ethical training data for AI developers. Their aim is to help level the playing field for people who do not have access to the same career opportunities as those in more affluent communities.

Utilizing new technologies and business methods, such as Moodle Workplace, Sama harnesses the power of markets for social good.

A significant part of Sama’s work involves training individuals as operators to evaluate the success of AI-generated data to better train future models. Many of their business centres are located in low income regions, with the aim of providing meaningful and dignified living wage work and to empower people through economic opportunities.

Solution – Personalised learning with Moodle Workplace

Titus developed a bespoke Moodle Workplace for Sama — allowing them to provide personalised learning to a geographically distributed workforce. Sama makes particular use of hierarchies to keep managers in tune with learner progress and competencies to manage structured learning paths.

Sama’s main focus in workplace learning is to upskill staff for long-term career development, not simply train them to be able to do a limited set of tasks. Using Moodle Workplace, employees are able to build a portfolio of machine learning, digital and soft skills which they can transfer to future roles.

Result – Boosting long-term career prospects

Through upskilling staff using Moodle Workplace, Sama is helping to provide long-term career prospects for a new generation of workers from historically underprivileged areas.

Sama’s worker training programs have already increased economic opportunities for over 13,000 workers globally, all from under-resourced communities.

To ensure accessibility for all, Moodle Workplace provides multidevice support and offline access through the Moodle App — meaning no one misses out due to lack of available resources.

Moodle Workplace’s advanced and customisable reporting tools help Sama to record and audit their progress against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDGs they align with include #1 No Poverty, #5 Gender Equality, #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, #10 Reduced Inequalities and #13 Climate Action. This further coincides with the Moodle mission of using technology as a force for good to create a more equitable world.

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To learn more about Sama visit their website.