Introducing MoodleCloud Starter Plan!!

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NB: From 18 February 2020, we’re changing the idle timer for all MoodleCloud Free sites to 14 days instead of the current 60.

This means that if a Free MoodleCloud site remains inactive for 14 consecutive days, we’ll e-mail the site Admin and ask them to log in to their site. If neither the Admin nor any other user log in to the site in the following 7 days, we’ll delete it. Site admins of all MoodleCloud Free sites are being notified of this change by email and via the Customer Portal.

All MoodleCloud Free site owners can remove the idle timer completely by signing up for one of our paid MoodleCloud plans, starting from AU$80 / Year.

Learn more about our latest 45 Day Free Trial Plan and our MoodleCloud Plans.

Today, Moodle introduced a new plan for its MoodleCloud services, called the Starter Plan!

Many of our Moodle for Free users have asked us about accessing more features and functions on their MoodleCloud sites but at a cost effective price.

The MoodleCloud team has been working hard behind the scenes to develop a new plan that would meet the requests of our users.

The solution?

Introducing MoodleCloud’s Starter Plan – great for a single class with up to 50 users with three additional site features and tools for more collaborative learning.

Before we take a closer look at the 3 extra features available through MoodleCloud’s Starter Plan, let’s do a review of what is MoodleCloud!

What is MoodleCloud?

MoodleCloud gives you the option of creating your online learning site in minutes and having it hosted by Moodle HQ.

You don’t need to install, upgrade or backup anything, just create an account and use all of Moodle’s powerful tools and features to create the courses you want.

MoodleCloud sites also comes with some of the most popular Moodle plugins so that you can create engaging activities with your learners.

A Moodle site that can be up and running in minutes, sounds good doesn’t it?

What do I get with MoodleCloud?

MoodleCloud is designed for the individual teacher or small organisations / institutions, currently up to 500 users / learners.

    1. There are three types of MoodleCloud accounts you can get:
      Moodle For Free – You can get a Moodle for Free site in minutes and keep it forever! No trials, no credit card required, simply create an account and start your Moodle journey.


    1. MoodleCloud Starter Plan – the new MoodleCloud Starter Plan gives you everything you can get from a Moodle for Free site plus three extra features, outlined below!


  1. Moodle For School – if you need more learners, more file uploads but also more tools and plugins for engaging, fun and interactive learning, you should check out our Moodle For School packages!

If you are currently using a Moodle for Free site but would like to access the extra 3 features (outlined below) then a MoodleCloud Starter Plan can be a cost effective solution for you.

If you manage a single class with up to 50 users and are looking for an affordable online learning environment that you can easily populate and work with, have powerful tools to enhance collaboration and never have to worry about hosting, updating, and other technical requirements, then a Starter Plan might also be your answer.

Three other extra features are included in a Starter Plan will allow you to manage your MoodleCloud site easily and also access extra education tools:

  • Create your own certificates & deliver them to your students!

New to MoodleCloud and available with the Starter plan is Moodle’s Custom Certificate plugin, allowing you to create the certificates you want and recognise the achievements of your learners.

Moodle’s Custom Certificate lets you import images, create borders, add your chosen text and insert custom authentication numbering.

Once completed, you can deliver the certificate to your learners via email or message on your site.

  • Hide ads from students with MoodleCloud Starter Plan

As much as we don’t like ads ourselves, they’re there to help support us in providing you with a Moodle for Free service.

The good news is that with a MoodleCloud Starter plan these ads are hidden from your students , so they are completely focussed on their learning.

  • Keep your MoodleCloud site active at all times!

To maintain a vibrant and active system for all users, a Moodle for Free site that has been inactive for 60 days is removed. When you choose the MoodleCloud Starter plan you’ll never have worry about your site disappearing when it’s not used.

So just in case you decide to go on vacation or there’s a break between running one course and the next, you can be assured your MoodleCloud site is always there and ready for you whenever you need it!

So there you have it…the information for the new MoodleCloud Starter Plan!

If you would like to upgrade your site today, you can do so with a few clicks in your portal. You can get a MoodleCloud Starter Plan for an affordable price of $80 AUD* per year or approximately US$60 or €57 per year.
* For Australian customers, goods and services tax (GST) applies and will be added.

If you have not tried MoodleCloud yet, why not test it out today with a Moodle for Free site – again with a few clicks, you can have it up and running in minutes!

Finally, before you go, we just want to say: Thank you very much!

Moodle’s mission is to empower educators with powerful and flexible learning tools to make education accessible and collaborative for everyone. By choosing MoodleCloud you are playing a significant part in making that happen!

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