The UK Labour Party support training and development for 500,000 members with Moodle Workplace

March 1, 2022 By Moodle

The Labour Party is a British political party, originally born out of the trade union movement and founded on principles of equality, social justice and compassion. It numbers around 550,000 members, with a small professional staff team to run its operations and campaigns.

Labour invited tenders for a custom LMS where local Labour members, elected representatives and staff could enrol onto a variety of training courses, follow a series of modules, access all learning materials in one place, and progress by completing assessment requirements.

Titus, the 2021 Moodle Premium Certified Service Provider of the Year, entered the winning bid, with a proposal for a custom-themed, cloud-hosted and fully managed Moodle Workplace solution, and Branded Moodle app—allowing the Labour Party to share their messaging, resources, events and training with their growing membership and campaign staff. The project is now helping to engage a new generation of Labour campaigners, activists and supporters in local and regional politics.

Scaling for 500,000 learners

With such a large potential user base, but also significant variance in usage, the Labour Party needed a cost-effective way to guarantee availability.

Titus deployed elastic hosting to ensure that the platform could handle sudden spikes in demand, without large bills for unused capacity at off-peak times.

Commitment to equality & diversity

As an inclusive member-based organisation that prides itself on being accessible to all who share its values, equality and diversity are key for Labour.

Moodle goes beyond the basic content features of most learning platforms and is rich with activities that support good instructional design and require learners to actively engage with the learning content in a range of modalities. Plus, Moodle Workplace’s accessibility, mobile/offline access, multiple language packs and intuitive custom themes have helped ensure the widest possible use of the platform.

Supporting a new generation with grassroots engagement

The Labour Party is using the new Moodle Workplace platform to educate their grassroots members in Labour principles and approaches in order to empower and engage a new generation of Labour campaigners, activists and supporters.

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