mlearning with Moodle: easy access across all devices

A study on mLearning highlighted that mobile learners study 40 minutes more each week by studying everywhere they go and users studying on mobile devices are 3 times more likely to track their progress. mLearning will continue to grow in demand with users expecting instant access to knowledge.

Moodle has been developing the official Moodle Mobile application since 2013, developed by Juan Leyva with support by Jerome and Barbara. This application connects with versions 2.4 and later of Moodle. The application aims to provide seamless integration with the content in courses, allowing messaging between course participants, upload of files and other features.

Available on Google Play, iTunes and Windows, the application enables learners to communicate and learn from each other, encourage peer-to-peer feedback, share experiences and solve problems online. The latest release of mobile, 1.8, supports the recent version of Moodle, the ability to view within the app and clearer notifications. Read more about the features and improvements here.

The future of the mobile app is clearly documented in the roadmap and includes internal messaging, full calendar integration, assignment submission and SSO with Moodle. Recently, the team launched a community survey to guide the development and roadmap of the application. Here.

The benefits involved in mlearning are immense, and will only grow with adoption over time. Moodle aims to be the best tool for educators worldwide, with the work of the mobile app a testament to this goal.

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