Moodle adds Poodll tools for language learning to its suite of Certified Integrations for Moodle LMS

February 11, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

Poodll’s collection of add-ons for language teachers includes activities and tools that extend the functionality of Moodle LMS to teach and learn languages online. Designed specifically to build dynamic language courses, the Poodll suite of plugins for Moodle includes tools to evaluate student’s speaking and listening, audio/video recording, or vocabulary learning. Many of Poodll’s activity modules can provide automated grading, saving teachers time and giving students more frequent learning opportunities.

Moodle has recognised Poodll as a Certified Integration based on their capabilities to integrate seamlessly with the Moodle platform, as well as on the way Poodll’s tools and activities complement Moodle’s native features.

By adding Poodll to our suite of Certified Integrations, we’re providing our users with tools and activities to create great online language courses – which they can add to their Moodle LMS in an easy, straightforward way” said Sander Bangma, Moodle LMS’s Product Manager.

Moodle users have been using Poodll for 10 years, and we are very happy to be endorsed so strongly by Moodle. Recent advances in browser and cloud based AI services mean that online language learning is coming of age.  We are excited to bring learning applications that use that technology to Moodle, the largest LMS platform in the world” said Justin Hunt, Poodll’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Learn more about Poodll’s suite of Moodle tools for language teachers on Poodll’s Moodle Certified Integration page.

About Moodle

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About Poodll

Poodll is a widely-used and trusted solution for bringing engagement and interactivity to online courses through audio and video recording for formative assessment, reflection and feedback.  The original software was developed in 2010 in a high school in Nagasaki, Japan, where Poodll is still based.  Poodll applications help organizations, both educational and corporate, to document progress and capture evidence of proficiency. Whether online, blended, hybrid or face-to-face, Poodll bridges gaps among learners and between teachers and learners by creating a dynamic learning environment that is accessible, intuitive, and fun!