Take your first steps into Moodle admin with us

February 6, 2020 By Mary Cooch

On February 17, we’re launching a new free, self-paced MOOC to learn the basics of Moodle administration, both for self hosted Moodle sites and for MoodleCloud sites

Moodle Admin Basics

Twice a year, we host a MOOC on our site Learn Moodle for educators wishing to teach with Moodle. However, there has been nothing similar -and free- for new Moodle administrators. Until now!

Starting on February 17, you’ll be able to enrol in our new Moodle Admin Basics course on Learn Moodle. This will be a self-paced course teaching you the very basics of Moodle Administration and it will always be available on our site, so you can return to the content any time you need it.

We have designed the course for anyone new to Moodle administration, and it is particularly suited to new MoodleCloud users. The content and suggested activities will help get you started quickly on your Moodle site and enable you to take your first steps as a Moodle Admin. There will also be a new playlist of 26 Moodle Admin Basics videos on our Moodle HQ Youtube channel.

You will learn:

  • How to create courses
  • How to get students and teachers onto your courses
  • How to customise your site
  • How to make more of your site

The course will not have real-time facilitators, but our global Moodle community is always here to help! If you’re working through the MOOC and have a query, we encourage you to come along to the Moodle community forums and post your question with the hashtag #AdminBasics. Experienced Moodle admins, developers and Moodle HQ team members who are part of the community will be happy to share tips and help you solve problems.

Need more than just the basics?

Perhaps you need some help in an admin area beyond the scope of Moodle Admin Basics? Perhaps you’d prefer the personal touch, with customised support? Our network of Certified Moodle Partners have extensive experience and training offerings around Moodle admin and will help you meet your needs.

Find a Moodle Partner in your area to start the conversation.