Moodle, amongst first institutions worldwide to achieve LTI Advantage Certification

February 26, 2019 By Júlia Verdaguer

1EdTech (previously IMS Global), the world-leading non-profit organisation that develops the Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) standard to promote collaboration between edtech organizations and applications, has recently recognised Moodle’s achievement of the LTI Advantage Certification.

Moodle’s Learning Management System has long supported the LTI standard. 1EdTech certification guarantees that the Moodle LMS securely integrates with other LTI-certified external learning tools, apps and digital resources. That allows, for instance, students and instructors to navigate seamlessly from one learning tool to the other without having to log into each one, therefore creating a smooth, consistent and better learning and teaching experience.

Earning the LTI Advantage Certification for the upcoming Moodle 3.7 release means that Moodle has successfully implemented and achieved 1EdTech certification for the latest version of the LTI standard, that includes an upgraded security model with stronger protection of sensitive student data, and three LTI extensions: Assignment and Grade Services, Deep Linking and Names and Role Provisioning Services.

“LTI Advantage provides a pathway to secure educational technology plug-and-play interoperability”, said Mark Leuba, vice president of product management, 1EdTech Global Learning Consortium. “Congratulations to Moodle for being among the first learning platforms to achieve LTI Advantage certification and accelerate the transition to LTI Advantage as the new model for extending the digital learning ecosystem.”

“Moodle firmly believes in sustainable open solutions and the importance of open standards. We are extremely pleased to be among the first to be certified and ready for LTI Advantage,” said Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle.

Contributing to an innovative and integrated digital ecosystem for teaching and learning is aligned with Moodle’s mission to empower educators to improve our world. At Moodle HQ, we will keep working to support the LTI standards to enhance education experiences for everyone.

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