Moodle Mobile 2 Launches. A new design and intuitive user experience

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Moodle Mobile has been totally refreshed, reviewed and relaunched, ready to better engage learners and simplify the teaching process.

Redesigned for Simplicity

Once connected, the improved interface is bright and clean, simple and slick making it attractive and intuitive for experienced Moodlers and novices alike. Settings and preferences have been simplified and the app runs faster and more smoothly, with its infinite scrolling allowing a clear view of the list of participants, calendar events, forum discussions and notifications. And viewing grades and assignment submissions has never been easier! Whatever your device OS, resolution or orientation, you’ll get a clear display with the possibility from most screens to “pull to refresh”

Heaps of new functionality and add-ons

It’s now possible to do much more in Moodle from your mobile without having to transfer to the desktop version. With the help of the local mobile plugin you can make a choice and view responses and – if your site uses simple or Ajax chat – your course participants will be able to participate in a live chat session from their mobile devices.

Other cool features include:

  • Notes – Teachers can view notes at site, course or personal level.
  • Book – You  can view Moodle ‘Books’ directly in the app.
  • IMS CP – You can access IMS content packages directly in the app.
  • Activity completion: This valuable functionality is now available to enable activities done from mobile devices to be marked complete. Great for learning on the move!

Notifications and scheduling at your fingertips

Not only can you view calendar events offline now, but you can access your notifications quickly from the side menu, with seamless scrolling and improved push notifications. Read more about Mobile app notifications here.

More storage space

We’ve long been able to upload images, videos and other files from our mobiles to our private files.  With Moodle Mobile 2, there’s no more struggling with a mere  5MB app storage space; depending on your device, it can be between 50MB and your Sd card’s capacity, making it even easier to work with media and Moodle.

Download & Play Now!

Moodle Mobile 2 is available to download now,  and you can learn more about the app’s features and view screenshots on the Moodle mobile documentation page. For those looking to test the app, try connecting with the Mount Orange demo site or get your own free Moodle site at MoodleCloud.


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